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John Vivyan starred as Mr. Lucky, the owner of the gambling ship (and later floating club), The Fortuna II, in this popular half-hour drama series from Blake Edwards.   Ross Martin co-starred as Lucky's dashing Latino business partner and best friend, Nick Andamo.


[Andamo]  After you get to know me better you will see that I am all heart.


[Andamo]  Oh, of course it is, and we wouldn't dream of laughing.


[Andamo] That girl … that vision … that angel!


[Andamo] Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wonderful!
[Lucky] It’s the same old hand. I haven’t even had it manicured.


[Andamo] Lucky, I’m you’re partner, right?
[Lucky] Right.


[Andamo] [You should have seen the car that was waiting for her. They had it jointed in the middle so that it could turn corners.


[Andamo] That doesn’t sound like a compliment to me.


[Andamo] For what that roulette wheel cost, we could have hired a sky-writer.


[Andamo] Oh boy, I’m disappointed in you!


[Andamo] She’s got everything. Upbringing, culture, breeding –
[Lucky] Money.
[Andamo] – Money. Everything.


<background music: "My Friend Andamo" by Henry Mancini>
[Lucky] …The boiler room’s on fire …
[Andamo] That’s nice.
[Lucky] … We’re about to be rammed by an aircraft carrier…
[Andamo] Mmmhmm.
[Lucky] You’d better take it easy, Andamo. You worry me.
[Andamo] … Okay … Oh! Hello Lucky.


[Lucky] Andamo!
[Andamo] I’m okay. Get him!


[Vicky] You do like to give, don’t you?
[Andamo] That depends on what I’m giving, and who I’m giving it to.


[Andamo] I never felt better in my life.


[Andamo] Lucky, I got a wonderful idea!
[Lucky] Whatever it is, don’t do it.


[Andamo] Just let me know if I have to wear a dress suit or a straight jacket.
[Lucky] Well, of course! You’re my partner.


[Vicky] It seems I have you to thank for all of this.
[Andamo] You certainly do. How about lunch?


[Andamo] Isn’t that a little bit late? We’re just about opening the casin--
[Lucky] She means 10 in the morning.
[Andamo] In the morn…? For one so lovely, no sacrifice would be too much.


[Andamo] Run away and desert those poor little orchids?


[Vicky] You make me feel so ashamed of myself.
[Andamo] You make me feel so proud of myself.


[Lucky] What do you call her when you’re being informal.
[Andamo] You’re prying!


[Andamo] Listen, if this isn’t important, I quit!


[Andamo] It’s too bad she doesn’t speak Spanish, you know? That’s such a romantic language.
[Lucky] She can learn.
[Andamo] Oh, she’s learning. She’s learning… 


[Andamo] You don’t even have to ask. She is right and that’s it.
[Lucky] And that’s all?
[Andamo] And that is … all.


[Andamo] Listen, Lucky. There’s a lot of woman there. She just doesn’t know it yet.
[Lucky] And you’re going to show her?
[Andamo] Demonstration has already begun. And I am not selling any tickets!


[Lucky] Very nice.
[Andamo] Nice? You looking for trouble?


[Andamo] I know where there’s one very handy.


[Andamo] Well … uh … why not, Lucky?


[Andamo] Maybe we better take along some insurance, you know? Ride shotgun.
[Lucky] What?
[Andamo] Well that’s what they do on television when there’s a gold shipment. … Don’t look at me! It’s your wild west!


[Vicky] What shall I wear?
[Andamo] Anything you want, plus me on your arm.


Musical Interlude: "My Friend Andamo"/Andamo’s Theme

[Andamo] One will get you ten.
[Andamo]  Besides, have you bought any prime beef lately?  You know it's cheaper to eat money.
[Andamo]  Well that's very commendable.
[Andamo]  We should open a place on shore.  You never get wet diving off a sidewalk.

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Ross Martin, Robert Conrad, and Red West appeared on this talk show in October 1978 to promote the first Wild Wild West reunion movie.  I've included quotes specific to Ross Martin on this page.  Additional excerpts from this interview appear on the Robert Conrad Sound Page. 


RM discussing Steve Martin (with some commentary by Robert Conrad).


RM in response to a question on how he would feel if a woman asked him out (after the hostess establishes for the audience that Mr. Martin is, in fact, a happily married man).


RM asked if he’s looking forward to the remake of Wild Wild West.


RM about his role in the Blake Edwards’ film "Experiment in Terror."

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Ross Martin played Godfrey, a bum down on his luck, in this second season episode, "Mork and the Bum Rap."


[Godfrey] Hey, you know something?  You've got a great approach there kid.  But you sure got a lot to learn about fundraising.


[Godfrey]  I can't understand it!  I did everything I could for you.  I treated you like you were my own flesh and blood.  I kicked you out of the house, I threw you into the gutter, and I made a bum outta ya!  Where did I go wrong?

[Godfrey]  It's people like you that give bums a bad name.
[Godfrey]  Maybe it's better for you to use the flattery approach.  Butter dem up.
[Mork]  Sounds kinky but I'll give it a try.
[Godfrey]  Assume the fundraising position.
[Godfrey]  I was just acting!
[Godfrey]  You want to raise funds you gotta give a performance.  Here, watch a master at work.
[Godfrey]  Money's the most important thing in the world, don't you understand?  It's much too valuable to give away!
[Mork]  It's only money.
[Godfrey]  That's like an Arab saying it's only oil!
[Godfrey]  Now the first thing we do, we check petty cash.
[Godfrey]  I'm real disappointed in you.
[Godfrey]  You've got what it takes ... and I'll take what you've got.
[Mork]  Here, take this.  It's all I have.  It's a picture of Robert Conrad...

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