In December 1980, thieves burglarized the home of
actor extraordinaire Ross Martin, taking nearly everything including the family's only collection of Mr. Martin's performances on what was then very expensive video.

None of this material was ever recovered.

With our Catalogue Collection Project, fans everywhere are helping to return copies of the late Mr. Martin's classic performances , both those lost and those simply missing, to his family.

The links below lead to an incomplete list of material which has not been recovered.

If you or someone you know has access to any of these performances
or appearances which are not listed here,
please contact us when convenient and an agreeable exchange will be worked out.

For WILDWEST2-L and the Martin family, thank you in advance.

Professional Catalogue: Ross Martin

Feature Film
and Radio (OTR)
Television: Series Lead
& Guest Star/Specials
Television: Voice-Over
& Miscellaneous


Catalogue Project
PO Box 18488
Los Angeles, CA 90018

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