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Series Lead

programmeair datetitle, notes, character namenetwork
The Wild, Wild West9/17/65-9/6/69{Artemus Gordon}[95 episodes]CBS
XXStump the Stars1961-1964CBS
*Mr. Lucky10/24/59-9/10/60{Andamo} [34 episodes]CBS
XXDorso, D. A.1958-1959KTLA

Movies of the Week & Specials

programmeair datetitle, notes, character namenetwork
XXI Married Wyatt Earp1/10/83MOWNBC
More Wild, Wild West10/07 -10/8/80MOW {Artemus Gordon}CBS
XXOperation Prime Time12/11/79"The Seekers I"SYN
XXOperation Prime Time12/13/79"The Seekers II"SYN
XXReturn of Charlie Chan7/17/79MOW {Charlie Chan}ABC
Return of the Mod Squad5/18/79SpecialABC
Wild, Wild West Revisited5/9/79MOW {Artemus Gordon}CBS
Wonderful World of Disney: "Donovan's Kid"1/14/79Special presentationNBC
XXWild and Woolly2/20/78MOW {Otis Bergen}ABC
XXYesterday's Child2/3/77MOWABC
XXJohn Wayne SpecialNBC
XXMitzi Gaynor -- 100 Guys Special3/24/75CBS
XXSkyway to Death1/19/74MOWABC
Dying Room Only9/18/73MOW {Jim}ABC
XXThe Crooked Hearts11/8/72MOWNBC
XXThe Sheriff3/30/71MOW {Larry Walters}ABC
XXSwing Out, Sweet Land4/8/71SpecialNBC
XXMitzi Gaynor's 2nd Special 10/13/69{Red Butter}NBC
XXCarol Burnett Show3/10/69SpecialCBS
XXDean Martin ShowSpecialNBC

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Series Guest Star

programmeair datetitle, notes, character namenetwork
XXMork N' Mindy1/15/81"Mork and the Bum Rap" ABC
XXGreatest Heroes
of the Bible
8/15/81"Abraham's Sacrifice"NBC
The Love Boat1/12/80"We Three"ABC
*Fantasy Island12/22/79"The Wine Tasters" {Armand}ABC
*Fantasy Island 10/25/80"Instant Millionaire"ABC
*Hawaii Five-O12/28/78"Number One With a Bullet I"CBS
*Hawaii Five-O1/4/79"Number One With a Bullet II"CBS
Hawaii Five-O2/22/79"Stringer"CBS
XXHawaii Five-O10/4/79"A Lion in the Street" (2 hr)CBS
*Hawaii Five-O11/1/79"Good Help is Hard to Find"CBS
Charlie's Angels11/2/77"Unidentified Flying Angels" ABC
New Adventures of
Wonder Woman
2/17/78"IRAC is Missing" CBS
XXQuark3/24/78"Zorgon The Malevolent I" NBC
XXQuark3/31/78"Zorgon the Malevolent II"NBC
XXThe American Girls9/24/78"The Cancelled Czech"CBS
XXFlying High10/13/78"North by Northeast"CBS
Vega$10/11/78"Mother Mishkin" [#3]ABC
XXBaretta2/9/77"Not On Our Street"ABC
*Blansky's Beauties3/19/77"Nancy and the Sheik" ABC
*Gemini Man9/30/76"Minotaur" {Dr Carl Victor}NBC
XXSanford and Son10/8/76"California Crude"NBC
XXStumpers11/15/76 to 11/19/76[quiz show]NBC
Adventures of
Ellery Queen
10/16/75"Adv of the Pharoh's Curse"NBC
XXDon Adam's Screen Test12/25/75[various roles]SYN
The Invisible Man9/15/75"The Fine Art of Diplomacy"NBC
Barnaby Jones2/17/74"Friends Till Death"CBS
XXTenefly10/10/73"Joyride to Nowhere"NBC
XXLaugh Inyr 1973NBC
XXThe Tonight Show -[multiple appearances]NBC
McCloud12/2/73"Solid Gold Swingers" {Charles}NBC
XXThe Bold Ones:
The Doctors
12/5/72"A Purge of Madness"NBC
XXThe FBI11/12/72"The Wizard"ABC
XXIronside1/27/72"Mind For Murder"NBC
XXThe Merv Griffin Show7/3/72SYN
Night Gallery11/19/72"The Other Way Out"NBC
*Night Gallery12/8/71"Camera Obscura"NBC
XXLove American Style1/29/71"Love and the Nutsy Girl"ABC
XXLove American Style-"Love and the Unsteady Steady"ABC
XXOwen Marshall-
Counselor At Law
10/14/71"Make No Mistake"ABC
Columbo10/17/71"Suitable For Framing" NBC
The Immortal10/1/70"White Elephants Don't Grow on Trees"ABC
XXPat Boone1/5/68-
XXI and Claudie7/6/64(pilot) {Claudie Hughes}CBS
XXThe Danny Thomas Show1/13/64CBS
XXYour First Impressionyr 1963NBC
XXWagon Train11/4/63"The Sam Pulaski Story"ABC
Dr. Kildare5/23/63"To Each His Own Prison"NBC
XXComedy Spot5/23/63CBS
XXComedy Spotyr 1961CBS
Bonanza5/26/63"Little Man - Ten Feet Tall" NBC
XXThe Dick Powell Showyr 1963NBC
Walt Disney's Zorroyr 1961"Auld Aquaintance"ABC
Michael Shane3/17/61"Murder is a Fine Art"NBC
87th Precinct10/30/61"Occupation: Citizen"NBC
Dr. Kildare12/7/61"Second Chance"NBC
Twilight Zone2/27/63"Death Ship"CBS
Twilight Zone1/1/60"The Four of Us Are Dying" CBS
XXLaramie12/27/60"A Sound of Bells"NBC
XXThe Sky's The Limit8/16/60(pilot)CBS
Naked City3/10/59"Ten Cent Dreams"ABC
Bat Masterson12/3/58"The Treasure of Worry Hill"NBC
Alcoa Presents:
One Step Beyond
6/2/59"Echo" {Paul Marrin}ABC
XXThe Whirlybirds - CBS/SYN
XXUS Marshall
(Sheriff of Cochise)
yr 1959"The Check Artist"SYN
The Law and Mr. Jones -"The Enemy" [#27] {D.A.}ABC
Richard Diamond:
Private Detective
2/15/59"The Sport" [#34] {Gino}CBS
Richard Diamond:
Private Detective
10/19/59"The Bookie"NBC
XXGunsmoke3/22/58"Bottleman" [#413] {Dan Klell}CBS
XXGunsmoke11/8/58"Land Deal" [#428] {Kreppert}CBS
XXPeter Gunn9/22/58"The Kill"NBC
Peter Gunn1/5/59"The Fuse"NBC
XXPeter Gunn10/30/60"The Passenger" NBC
XXPeter Gunn9/21/61"Murder on the Line"NBC
Walt Disney's Disneyland10/31/58"Adv. of Texas John Slaughter"ABC
XXThe Court of Last Resort1/31/58"The Phillip Huston Case"NBC
XXModern Romances
(Search for Tomorrow?)
XXWalter Winchell File5/12/58"Portrait of a Cop" (case #27)ABC
XXThe Ann Sothern Show1958"The Big Gamble"CBS
XXConcerning Miss Marlow7/5/54CBS
XXThe Web1/17/54"The Hunted"CBS
XXJohnny Jupiter1953 ?WOC
Johnny Jupiter"The Professor's Speech"WOC
XXSearch For Tomorrow9/3/51CBS
XXHallmark Hall of Fame-"The King's Advisor"NBC
XXShinbone Alley1957[broadway cast taping] -
XXMartin Kane: Private Eye-NBC
XXTreasury Men in Action9/11/50"Case of Lupo The Wolf"ABC
XXTreasury Men in Action12/4/50"Case / Uncovered Convict"ABC
XXTreasury Men in Action4/5/51NBC
XXTreasury Men in Action1/31/52"Case of the Violent Artist"NBC
XXTreasury Men in Action9/30/55ABC
XXLights Out11/28/49"I Dreamt I Died"NBC
XXLights Out4/17/50"A Toast to Sgt. Farnsworth"NBC
XXLights Out5/1/50"The Gloves of Gino"NBC
XXLights Out3/3/51"The Man With the Astra Khan Hat"NBC
XXWestinghouse Studio One11/7/48"The Storm"CBS
Westinghouse Studio One5/11/09"The Human Barrier"CBS
XXWestinghouse Studio One9/16/57"First Prize for Murder"CBS
Quick as a Flashyr 1952[quiz show]DUM
XXPhilco Television Playhouse10/3/48"Dinner at Eight"NBC
XXPhilco Television Playhouse5/1/55"Letter of Recommendation"NBC
XXPhilco Television Playhouse10/2/55"A Man is Ten Feet Tall"NBC
XXSuspense?1949-54live telecastCBS
XXYour Show of Shows?1950-54live telecast
XXYou Are There?1953-1957live telecastCBS
XXArmstrong Circle Theatre?1950-1958live telecastNBC/CBS
XXU.S. Steel Hour
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