Performance Catalogue: Ross Martin


Legend: XX = needed - any condition* = need better copies, off-air if possible.

Animated and Voice-Over

programmeair datetitle, notes, character namenetwork
XXFamous Classic Tales11/18/79"Gulliver's Travels" CBS
XXTreasure Island -
XXNew Superfriends Hour9/10/77-9/2/78ABC
XXAll-New Popeye Hour9/5/78-9/5/81CBS
XXGodzilla Power Hour9/9/78-10/28/78CBS
XXThree Robonic Stooges9/28/78-12/30/79CBS
XXButch Cassidy /Sun. Kid9/8/73-8/31/74NBC
XXSealab 20209/9/72-9/1/73NBC
XXWait Till Your Father/Homeyr 1972SYN
XXABC Afterschool Special10/4/72"Last of the Cerlews" ABC


programmeair datetitle, notes, character namenetwork
XXPassword Plus1/2-1/4/80[quiz show]NBC
XXPassword Plus3/10-3/14/80[quiz show]NBC
XXPassword Plus6/4-6/8/79[quiz show]NBC
XXPassword Plus12/31/79[quiz show]NBC
XXAll Star Secrets5/7/-5/11/79[quiz show]NBC
XXWhatever Happened To?1979/1980{host}SYN
XXCelebrity Whew!2/19- 2/22/80[quiz show]CBS
XXCelebrity Whew!2/25/80[quiz show]CBS
XXCard Sharks10/10- 10/14/80[quiz show]NBC
XXCard Sharks10/24-10/28/80[quiz show]NBC
XXCommercial - Dodge Aspenyr 1978{Charlie Chan}NETWORK
XXRhyme and Reason01/12- 1/16/76[quiz show]ABC
XXShow Offs10/13- 10/17/75[quiz show]ABC
XXShow Offs12/8- 12/12/75[quiz show]ABC
XXCalifornia My WaySpring 1975ABC
XXFirst Democratic Telethon9/15/73NBC
XXFirst Highway Safety TelethonFall 1973 -
Tattletales1975[quiz show]CBS
XXTattletales[quiz show]CBS
XXHollywood's Talking3/26- 3/30/73[quiz show]CBS
XXCelebrity Tennis Tournament1973NBC
XXPassword6/12- 6/16/72[quiz show]ABC
XXPassword11/20- 11/24/72[quiz show]ABC
Password9/1- 9/5/69[quiz show]ABC
XXThe Joey Bishop Show10/6/69ABC
XXThe Movie Gameyr 1969[quiz show]SYN
XXIt's Your Bet7/24- 7/28/72[quiz show]SYN
XXIt's Your Bet1969 (3 weeks)[quiz show]SYN
XXHollywood Squares1/26-1/30/81[quiz show]NBC
XXHollywood Squares12/30- 1/31/69[quiz show]NBC
XXHollywood Squares3/3- 3/7/69[quiz show]NBC
XXYou Don't Say12/9- 12/13/68[quiz show]NBC
XXWhat's This Song6/7- 6/11/65[quiz show]NBC
XXThe Joker's Wild -[quiz show]CBS
XXObject Isyr 1964ABC
XXThe Secret Jury10/?/59SYN

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