Performance Catalogue: Ross Martin


Legend: XX = needed - any condition * = need better copies, off-air if possible.

Feature Film

statusfilm titleyearnotes, character name
Conquest of Space 1955Fodor
*Underwater Warrior 1958Sgt. Joe O' Brien
Colossus of New York, The 1958Dr Jeremy Spensser
Geronimo 1962Mengas
Experiment in Terror (Grip of Fear, The )1962Garland Humphry "Red" Lynch
XXCeremony, The1963Le Coq
XXHamlet's Mind 1964animated, voice
Great Race, The 1965Baron Rolf voicen Stuppe
XXKansas City Bomber1972Dick Wicks

Radio (OTR)

statusprogrammeair datetitle, notes, character namenetwork
XXArthur Godfrey's Digestyr 1948various rolesCBS
XXBackstage Wife-various roles -
XXBehind the Front Pageyr 1948various rolesMUTUAL
XXThe Big Storyyr 1947various rolesNBC
XXBig Townyr 1937various rolesCBS
XXBig Townyr 1948various rolesNBC
XXCBS Radio Mystery Theatre - various rolesCBS
CBS Radio Mystery Theatre11/4/74The Thirty-Sixth ManCBS
CBS Radio Mystery Theatre11/25/74The DollCBS
XXCasey, Crime Photographeryr 1943various roles -
Christmas Stories and Music1972[narrator]AFR
XXCloak and Daggeryr 1950various rolesNBC
Cloak and Dagger5/7/50episode 1 [Karl]NBC
XXCounterspyyr 1942various rolesBLUE
XXDimension X - various roles -
Dimension X8/2/51Universe-
Dimension X8/30/51Marionettes, Inc. -
XXThe FBI In Peace and Waryr 1944various rolesCBS
XXThe Falcon - various roles -
The Falcon1/14/51Adventure of the Happy Hoodlum
XXFord Theatreyr 1947various rolesNBC
XXHigh Adventure - various roles -
High Adventure 4/9/50Inside Story -
High Adventure5/7/50Wild Pitch-
High Adventure6/4/50Deep Water -
High Adventure7/30/50The Hill-
XXJanice Gray -various roles -
XXJohn Steel, Adventurer - various roles -
John Steel, Adventurer7/12/49Cargo Unknown-
John Steel, Adventurer11/1/49The Mission-
John Steel, Adventurer2/7/50Ascent-
John Steel, Adventurer4/18/50Long Shot-
John Steel, Adventurer3/13/51One-Way Street-
XXMr Moto - various roles -
Mr Motoyr 1951Sabotage-
Mr Moto6/17/51The Bazaloff Paper-
XXMy Name is Claudie - various roles -
XXNick Carter, Master Detectiveyr 1943various rolesMutual
XXOur Gal Sundayyr 1937various rolesCBS
XXPerry Masonyr 1943various rolesCBS
XXRadio City Playhouseyr 1948various rolesNBC
XXStella Dallasyr 1937various rolesCBS
XXWhispering Streetsyr 1952various rolesABC
XXThe World We Live In - various roles -
The World We Live In4/16/54Oceans Of The Air -
The World We Live In5/28/54Creatures Of the Sea-
XXX Minus One - various roles -
X Minus One5/29/55Man In The Moon-
X Minus One9/1/55Shanghaied-

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