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Featuring a special stunt seminar by longtime Wild, Wild West stunt coordinator and industry mainstay Mr. Whitey Hughes !

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    General Information

    The 1997 AG Committee

    • AG committee head is Ms. Susan Deborah Smith
    • AG Go-fers - Julie Kredens, Wendy Luck, Kristin Sabo
    • AG Go-fer contact/address: Jim-n-Artie@ThirdSide.com



    WHEN:September 18th - 21st 1997
    WHERE:AG HQ - The Safari Inn , Burbank CA and environs


    The Appreciation Dinner

    This year, our annual Appreciation Dinner will be held September 20th, 1997 at the Uzbekistan Restaurant - an LA Times Top-10 winning restaurant. Uzbekistan features a number of excellent Russian dishes using a variety of meats, vegtables, and spice-content. There's something for every taste. The dinner theme will be "The Night of the Tartar". Our Guest of Honor is "James T. West". Dinner starts at 6:00 pm with a huge amount of exotic hors d'oeuvres. Expect music, dancing, talk, and lots of laughs.


    List of Invited Alums

    Robert Conrad
    Mrs. Ross Martin
    Don Schoenfeld
    Jack Muhs*(dec)
    Jim George
    Bruce Lansbury
    John Mantley
    Joe Kirby
    Guest StarsDirectionWriting
    John Astin
    Carroll O' Connor
    Richard Kiel
    Don Francks
    Leslie Nielsen
    William Campbell
    Henry Darrow
    Ricardo Montalban
    Donnelly Rhodes
    Dabbs Greer
    Hazel Court
    Katherine Ross
    Marj Dusay
    Sue Ane Langdon
    Karen Sharpe
    Mala Powers
    Peggy Gaston
    Beverly Garland
    Alan Crosland, jr
    Robert Sparr*(dec)
    Rick Sparr for (R. Sparr)
    Richard Donner

    Series Bible
    Sue Kesler

    Alan Jaggs**

    **our deepest apologies to Mr. Jaggs for our inadvertent, incorrect status listing for him.
    Henry Sharp
    Ken Kolb
    John Kneubuhl, jr (for sr)
    Steve Ullman (for Dan Ullman)
    Calvin Clements, jr (for himself, & sr)

    Dick Shores
    Mrs. Richard Markowitz

    Whitey Hughes
    Red West
    Bob Herron
    Tom Huff
    Bill Catching
    Richard Cangey


    Schedule of Events

    THU 9/18 Meet n' Greet Bar-B-Que and Screening

    meet the people face to face with whom you share a common bond: The Wild, Wild West! Great food, music, then wander across the street to our reserved USC Screening Room and view two eps of our favourite programme theatre-style.
    Dinner 6:00 PM Screening: 9pm
    Gamblers' Choice:

    1. Attend a special presentation and viewing of the Ross Martin Special Collection, housed in USC's special collection archives.

    2. Take the special behind-the-scenes of the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage

    3. whatever tickles your fancy. Universal Studios is just down the freeway from AG Central, as is Disneyland, Magic Mountain
    10 AM
    Poker Party, Dinner, and Midnight Hike

    Enjoy a cool night-hike in the S. CA desert mountains plus good food and great poker. Bring your stake!
    6:00 PM
    SAT 9/20 Whitey Hughes Stunt Seminar

    Join the Wild, Wild West's stunt coordinator in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn & participate in the stunt trade.
    10 AM
    The Wild, Wild West Appreciation Dinner

    Join us at the atmospheric Uzbekistan Restaurant for fun, food, and frivality as we say "thanks" to all those who made Our Favourite Programme possible.
    This year's theme: "The Night of the Tartar"
    GUEST OF HONOR: "James T. West"

    6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
    SUN 9/21 Horseback riding in Griffith Park or sightseeing in Los Angeles/Hollywood - your choice.

    You never know who might join us for the ride.... Horseback ride to be followed by a farewell picnic in Griffith Park, we'll just order food from a nearby Glendale fast-food place.
    1 PM


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