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'scenes from AG '97

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Travel Town Train

This looks sort-of familiar.

(c)1997 W. Luck
Griffith Park fire...

Griffith Park fire nearly makes......

(c)1997 W. Luck
...everyone late for the dinner!

....makes everyone late for the dinner!

(c)1997 W. Luck
At the Autry

Lady Luck & the Blue Suit

(c)1997 W. Luck
AG Jefe Susannah

AG Jefe Susannah & her parasol.

(c)1997 W. Luck
Stunt Seminar crew

Some of the seminar participants: Shawn, Sue K., Wendy, Mike F. sr, Gary S, Susannah, Mike Jr, Robb, Bob Herron.

(c)1997 M. Feddock
At the Appreciation Dinner

The Guest of Honor serenades: "I want YOU -- pretty ba-aby!"

(c)1997 W. Luck
Robb et all

Ham, Robb, William Campbell, Mike F. sr, William Schallert.

(c)1997 W. Luck
Rick Sparr, Sue Kesler

Rick Sparr and wife, Sue Kesler, Mike F. jr. , Judy Donner. (Whitey , Dottie, and Mrs. Martin in b.g.)

(c)1997 W. Luck
Lady Luck meets Whitey Hughes

Lady Luck & Whitey Hughes

(c)1997 W. Luck

Preparing for the Griffith Park ride

(c)1997 W. Luck


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