The Second Annual
CARIH Fundraiser:
Your help is desperately needed.


On March 22nd, 2000, friends and fans of The Wild, Wild West and the series' stars celebrated the 80th birthday of Mr. Ross Martin by donating over $1,000 to CARIH: The Children's Asthma Research and Institute, a world leader in the war against crippling respiratory diseases in children.

Ross Martin became aware of the plight of seriously asthmatic children while researching his chilling role as the asthmatic killer in Blake Edward's Experiment in Terror. The experience moved him deeply and he became an outspoken advocate for and benefactor of CARIH throughout his life. The Martins, Ross and Olavee, organized the first Ross Martin Celebrity Tennis Tournament to benefit CARIH in July 1972 which became a popular annual event.

Although now part of the cutting-edge research facility, The National Jewish Medical & Research Center in Denver, CO, CARIH still exists within National Jewish as the children's hospital and educational wing for those with lung disease. In this capacity, CARIH remains a world-wide leader in treating children from all walks of life who have severe, crippling respiratory ailments. Fighting lung disease in children was a cause to which Ross Martin had made a lifelong committment, therefore March 22nd is a fitting day to make such an annual contribution.

Again this year, WILDWEST2-L is organizing the CARIH fundraiser from now through 3/22/01, and your help is desperately needed.

How You Can Help

As with all charitable need, THE BOTTOM LINE is the generosity of people like you.

All contributions, big or small, truly help this very worthy cause.

From now until 3/22/01, W2-L is accepting contributions for the 2001 CARIH donation.

We will then forward all contributions to CARIH as one gift directly to National Jewish in honor of Ross Martin's work on behalf of this important need.

In conjunction with this donation, a card will be sent to The Martin Family which names all contributors irrespective of amount donated. The amount of the individual contributions will not be listed. You may of course choose not to have your name listed or be listed as anonymous, just let us know.


Please make your check or money order (no cash, please) payable to:



Send your donation to:

PO Box 18488
Los Angeles, CA 90018


All donated funds will be earmarked for the Children's Asthma Research Institute & Hospital wing at National Jewish, but please be sure make your donation is payable to NATIONAL JEWISH.

Please help us celebrate the work of Mr. Ross Martin on his 81st birthday by helping children with crippling respiratory ailments.

We thank you for your kindness.

Notes and Information

  • To make sure your name is included in The Martin Family card, please be certain your contribution reaches us by 3/22/01.

  • Please address all inquiries to:   References available by request.

  • Read more about the history of CARIH, Mr. Ross Martin's charitable work on behalf of CARIH, and the surprising outcome of the 2000 CARIH Fundraiser.

  • If preferred, contributions may be made directly to National Jewish:



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