"Seriously Appreciating Stunts and Shirtlessness"

Hierarchy:                 The Action God
First-Class SASS: Lady Luck

SASS Mission: To determine the exact eye color of The Action God.


First-Class SASS:   "Do you wish to become a member in good standing of S.A.S.S.?"

Supplicant:   "I do."

F-C SASS: "Then repeat the following Oath:"

"I, ,  promise to defend the name of The Action God.

    To avidly follow his career and watch him in as many shows as possible.
    To hold his stunts and action scenes in the highest esteem.
    To hold March 1st as a holiday set aside for watching back-to-back  episodes of The Wild Wild West.
    To observe a moment of silence during the chandelier scene in TNot Fugitives.
    To hold the bias cut as my tailor-cut of choice.
    To learn to ride like a son-of-a-gun on a black hell-horse.
    To teach all my pets to come when I whistle.
    To wear self-cleaning clothes and to abolish Bad Hair Days on planet Earth.
    To consider my sleeve and boot-heel to be multi-use storage.
    To *never* lose my hat or my cool, usless someone questions my patriotism."

            Congratulations!  You are now a member of S.A.S.S.

       S.A.S.S. is the sole property of Lady Luck, First-class SASS : 103015.264@CompuServe.COM


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