(A herald dressed in the attire of Medieval England steps out)

HEAR YE!                    HEAR YE! 

This is a call to join the VERY SECRET _Cult of Miguelito_! Those of you who wish to join 
must raise your right hand and take the pledge:

"I, (state your name), pledge to follow the ingenious Dr. Miguelito
Loveless in all tasks he undertakes. Chief among these tasks being the
elimination of the Church of Artemus and S.A.S.S., the destruction of
their troublesome icons, and the creation of a safe haven for children
where they can grow up in happiness. I further pledge to eliminate all
foes, who stand in the way of achieving my leader's goals, in creative
and ingenious ways, or, if I'm in a hurry to do it speedily and
efficiently. I pledge that I will reveal all plans before the
elimination of said foes. If for some unforseen reason, my leader's
plans are foiled, I pledge to have a tantrum and then make a hasty
escape leaving my foes wondering if I will return."

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a member of THE CoM.

The Cult's hierarchy and membership:

           Dr. Miguelito Loveless    -  Acting Demi-God
           Antoinette                             -  High Priestess
           Voltaire                                    -  Chief Enforcer

           Hamilton Slye                     - Grand High Mucky-Muck
           Robb Miles                             - Member by implication

BTW, Since the cult is secret and its very existance must remain so,
those of you who have read this message and not taken the oath, will
therefore be the first to be eliminated... So, I wouldn't go petting any
strange ducks...


                                               - Ham aka "Slye Fox"


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