YOU are invited to -

AG '97 fun and frivolity

(AG '97 photos courtesy of Lady Luck)

-our 4th annual Wild Wild West AG

September 17th-20th 1998



What is the "AG"?

Not a convention.... Not a publicity stunt....

Just a group of grateful folks getting together to honor the best show on television --


-- and those who made it happen.

AG '97 crew
Some of the 1997 AG attendees pause for photos at Griffith Park's Martinez Arena.

(L-R) Shawn Daley, Mike Feddock sr, Susan Deborah Smith, Mike Feddock jr, Wendy Luck, Kristin Sabo, Robb Miles, Hamilton Slye

(AG photo courtesy of Mike Feddock jr)


The AG is the "Anniversary Gathering", as first defined by the 1995 30th Anniversary Gathering Sept 15th-17th.

As our way of saying "thank you" for 30 years of our favourite programme, we invite alums of _The Wild, Wild West_ to a theme dinner in the Los Angeles area , and we foot the bill.

Why LA, and not some other location? Because 90% of these folks live there or nearby and will be able to attend easily.

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THE 1998 AG - SEPT. 17-20 1998

General Information

Schedule of Events

AG '98 Appreciation Dinner Invitation List

Misc. Information


General AG Information

WHEN:our 4th annual Wild, Wild event - September 17th-20th 1998
WHERE:Days Inn, Glendale CA and nearby sites (see details)

Schedule of Events


Vasquez Park Outing
9:00 AM
Meet n' Greet Dinner
6:30 PM
Gamblers' Choice

You choose:

Tour of the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage

Private viewing of the Ross Martin Special Collection

Or do the tourist thing:

Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood and local tours, Mann's Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, more...

10 AM - time approximate
Tour of WWWest filming site
Bronson Canyon (Bronson Cave)
1 PM
Barbeque, Poker Party, and Costume Contest
7 PM
Stunt Seminar - with WWWest's Whitey Hughes!
10 AM
Our Featured Event:
the Wild, Wild West Appreciation Dinner
6:00 PM

Horseback riding or more tourist stuff
- your choice.
10 AM - time approximate




The Appreciation Dinner

The annual Appreciation Dinner is our way of thanking our invited guests for over thirty years of our favourite programme.

We throw the party at a unique dining establishment in the Los Angeles area on AG Saturday Night, and we foot the bill.

For 1998, the dinner theme is The Night of the Gruesome Games.

Dress is semi-formal to formal.

The location of the 1998 dinner is once again Uzbekistan, on Sunset Blvd near Hollywood.


1998 Appreciation Dinner Invitation List

Robert Conrad
Mrs. Ross Martin
Charles Davis * (dec)
Don Schoenfeld
Tim Smyth
Jim George
Bruce Lansbury
John Mantley
Joe Kirby
Bad/Good GuysDastardly DamesDirecting
William Schallert
John Astin
Carroll O' Connor
Richard Kiel
Don Francks
Leslie Nielsen
William Campbell
Henry Darrow
Paul Comi
Ricardo Montalban
JD Cannon
Dabbs Greer
Floyd Patterson
Robert Loggia
Harvey Korman
Harold Gould
Anthony Zerbe
Pernell Roberts
Simon Oakland
Chuck O' Brien

Series Bible

Sue Kesler
Katherine Ross
Marj Dusay
Sue Ane Langdon
Karen Sharpe
Mala Powers
Barbara Luna
Beverly Garland
Dana Wynter
Phoebe Dorin
Nina Roman
Lana Wood
Dawn Wells
Leslie Parrish
Yvonne Craig
Diane McBain
Patrice Munsel
Patricia Dunne
Alica Gur


Dick Shores
Mrs. Richard Markowitz
Alan Crosland, jr
Marvin Chomsky
Richard Sarafian
Richard Donner


Henry Sharp
Ken Kolb
John Kneubuhl, jr
(for sr)
David Moessinger
Calvin Clements, jr
(for himself, & sr)
Ken Pettus
Shimon Wincelberg


Whitey Hughes
Red West
Bob Herron
Tom Huff
Richard Cangey


How Guests are Invited

Important Notes

Anyone wishing to propose an invitee can do so via this web page or list WILDWEST2-L for the
_The Wild, Wild West_ alumni they want to see invited to the Appreciation Dinner.

The AG Committee works to have all aspects of the show represented in the scope of the Dinner invitations. _Wild, Wild West_ alumni working as principals, make-up/costume, stunts, guest stars, writing, direction, & production are represented in the invitation list.

The AG Committee Head issues invitations to those voted upon around the first week of August, with a short reminder going out three weeks later.

Typically, 1/4th to 1/3rd of invited _Wild, Wild West_ alumni do attend.

We cannot guarantee anyone will attend - work or family life may intervene in anyone's plans even if they RSVP.

The committee is always asked whether Robert Conrad will attend. We never know, honestly, but we certainly hope so!

Many industry professionals wait until the week before the Appreciation Dinner to RSVP or decline so that they know whether they are working that day or not.


Misc. Information

AG Central

Days Inn -- Glendale is our '98 AG Central.

Attendees will be provided with rates, maps, and all pertinent hotel information.

It's up to you whether you stay at the chosen AG Central or elsewhere. It would be best to pick a spot in Burbank or nearby.

The AG Committee

Your 1998 AG Committee is:

AG Jefe - Susannah (Susan Deborah Smith)
Local Gofer #1 - Shawn Louise Daley
AG Remote Jefe- Lady Luck (Wendy Luck)
Remote Gofer #1 - Slye Fox (Hamilton Slye)

AG Contact e-mail address -

Lady Luck will coordinate roomates and rental cars for all attendees wishing this service.


Local Directions

Everyone who RSVPs on time will receive a packet of pertinent info and an extensive set of maps for getting around.

Airline Reservations

The AG Committee usually suggests flying in and out of Burbank Int'l Airport rather than the congested and more-distant LAX. Most airlines fly to both destinations for the same price.

One list member suggests getting tickets through Cheap Tickets Inc. 1-800-377-1000 . We don't endorse this company, only mention it FYI. We do know from experience that Southwest Air often has great deals -1-800-I-FLY-SWA

AG Food

Suggestions for the menus on Thursday and Friday nights are welcome. Mail to:


Any questions? Give us a holler:



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