AG '95 Pics and Memories

1995 Invitation - TopOur inaugural AG dinner was held at "Moun of Tunis", on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. The theme was "TNot Grand Emir". Everyone ate, drank, and was merry, and the 1995 ARTIE Awards were presented. A fine time and tons of hobnobbing, photos, and autographs was had by all.

Other events during the inaugural AG included a behind-the-scenes tour of The Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage (they have original W-Cubed costumes and props) and a meet-n-greet party.

1995 Attendees

Mrs. Ross Martin, Bruce Lansbury, Whitey and Dottie Hughes, Bob Herron, Mr and Mrs Richard Shores, Sue Kesler, 1995 Invitation -BackMala Powers and companion, John and Elizabeth Mantley, Mrs Richard Markowitz plus Richard's daughter, Judith Donner and her husband, and a bunch of us who simply appreciate the series.

Some photos and other goodies from this event can be found at AG '95 attendee Gary Sarff's Wild, Wild West Pictures Page.

The 1995 AG was organized really fast. Folks like Bob Conrad, Ruta Lee, Henry Sharp, Ricardo Montalban wanted to attend and just couldn't for a variety of excellent reasons.

When the 1995 AG ended, *everyone* asked what we were doing for 1996. Well...


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