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December   2000

  • Happy Holidays from everyone at WILDWEST2-L and WildWildWest.org!


  • FYI only: a long-time collector who owns a number of original Wild, Wild West costumes is making available exact replicas of James West and Artemus Gordon suits. According to Mr. James Cawley, all are available either in your tailor-made size or Bob Conrad and Ross Martin's sizes and are replicas of items he has in his personal collection.

    About the items available, Mr. Cawley says:

    "The James West suit is available in Navy, Green, and Lt. Grey the Jacket (with) pants... They are made off from the originals, and have all the hidden pockets, knife, lock pick etc. The vests are made out of different types of brocade that simulate the original fabric designs/pattern. The corduroy and leather jacket is not yet available, I am still trying to match fabric..."

    "The Artemus Gordon Jacket is the Buckskin and Corduroy with fringe cost is (available). The Pants are brown wool and (are also available)."

    "The hats either men wore... are custom made to size and order."

    Information and ordering of these replicas can be done by contacting Mr. James Cawley via e-mail at iamkirok@hotmail.com.

    If anyone orders these items, please send us your critique. Thanks!


  • In early December Hollywood Central Props went out of business and auctioned off all their prop stock. Included in the lots sold were a cannon and martini shaker from the WB "Wild Wild West" film.

    See the image of the cannon on the ibidlive.tv start page for this auction.


    November   2000

    From: TNT
    To: "'Jim-n-Artie at www.WildWildWest.org'"
    Subject: RE: Wild Wild West - are you still airing it weekly?
    Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 13:56:41 -0500

    Currently TNT is airing Wild, Wild West as fill-in programming.

    Starting on January 2, 2001, we will begin airing Wild, Wild West Monday thru Friday at 6:00 am (ET/PT).


  • Congratulations to Wild, Wild West stuntman Jimmy George who has announced his engagement to Ms. Annie Forest. Wedding plans are for a date sometime in 2001.


  • There is an item on eBay that contains signatures stated to be those of Ross Martin and Robert Conrad. The item is: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=497545699

    Authentic and ID'd fake signatures of Ross Martin plus enhanced images of this item can be viewed on our web site for comparison.

    Please consider checking them out and making up your own mind as to the item's authenticity before bidding on this item.

    Comparison sigs for your examination are at our Ross Martin signature authentication page.   Caveat emptor.


  • The current (Nov. 9) issue of the NEW TIMES, currently in sidewalk newsstands around L.A. (it's free), has a big story on Danny Biederman's Spy Fi Archives CIA exhibit.

    Read our exclusive interview with Spy-Fi ArchivistDanny Biederman.


  • From Rittenhouse Archives (www.scifihobby.com)

    Rittenhouse Archives has now made available full, uncut press sheets of its Wild Wild West trading cards. The full 100-card base set sheet is now available, and each sheet will be hand-numbered and signed by Rittenhouse Archives President Steve Charendoff.

    Only 100 sheets will be available in this highly limited edition. Retail price per sheet is $100.

    This sheet looks absolutely fantastic framed and makes an incredible holiday gift for any dedicated fan of this classic TV series starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin!


  • Happy 80th Birthday to Wild, Wild West stuntman and stunt coordinator Whitey Hughes! (Nov. 9)

    Read more about Whitey on our Whitey Hughes Spotlight Page.


    October   2000

  • Actor Richard Kiel who played Voltaire in Wild, Wild West has a new fan club web site that sells reasonably priced autographed photos from WWWest and other shows.

    See http://www.RichardKiel.com/


  • Actress Lana Wood (TNot Plague, TNot Firebrand) also has a web site with autographed photos. All proceeds go to helping the Wood family with substantial medical bills associated with Ms. Wood's daughter's illness.

    Please go to http://members.aol.com/plenty007/pictures.htm


  • Bob Herron, long-time Hollywood stunt man and WWWest regular is currently appearing in the major release film "Bedazzled".

    Read more about Bob on our Bob Herron Spotlight Page.

  • Sue Kesler, author of the bible on the WWWest - The Wild, Wild West: The Series - is editor on the new UPN series "Level 9" which premiers this Friday at 9pm PT.

    From TV Guide -

    Level 9
    Pilot Episode
    60 min.

    Debut-- An action series about a covert Government cyberspace agency. In the opener, an LAPD detective joins the team to nab a cunning kidnapper who preys on Government witnesses.
    Price: Kate Hodge. Burrows: Tim Guinee. Hooten: Romany Malco. Grace: Leslie Hope. Tibbs: Michael Kelly. Mailman: John Ventimiglia. Nakano: Susie Park. Sosh: Kim Murphy. Travis: Fabrizio Filippo. Jargon: Esteban Powell. Delacroix: Carmen Argenziano.

    Cast: Kate Hodge, Fabrizio Filippo, Michael Kelly, Romany Malco, Kim Murphy, Susie Park, Esteban Powell, Tim Guinee, Leslie Hope, Willie Garson, Carmen Argenziano, John Ventimiglia

    Rating: TV-PG
    Category: Crime Drama
    Release Year: 2000


    Get a new copy of The Wild Wild West: The Series autographed by Sue Kesler from our Star Fund collectables page.

  • Three costume pieces stating to have been worn by Robert Conrad on The Wild, Wild West are up for live auction on eBay October 24th. For details, see the eBay page.



  • Rittenhouse Archives, manufacturer of the Wild, Wild West Season One collectors' cards, reports they have sold out the entire stock of the new card series. Based on this swift sell-out, Rittenhouse is going forward with a Season Two Wild, Wild West card set. Pre-production begins late 2000 with release tentatively scheduled for mid-2001.
    If you have Season One cards to trade/sell/buy, go to our Trading Card Trading Post and check out what's available.

  • Will Smith's hard work in the gym to transform himself into Muhammad Ali for a biopic about the famed pugilist may have been for nothing.

    Sony is on the verge of scrapping director Michael Mann's movie because of a budget projected to surpass the studio's $105 million cap.

    Sony put the project into turnaround late last week. But skeptics caution that move may just be a bargaining ploy, intended to rein in a headstrong helmer. Studio execs will hold a final meeting Monday with Mann, who Oscar-nominated this year for box office disappointment "The Insider," to see if the cost can somehow be trimmed.

    While the studio is holding fast to its budget cap, Mann does have an ace in the form of Smith. The actor is front and center in one of Sony's most important films, the sequel to its highest grosser ever, "Men in Black."

    As the Ali deals were being negotiated, Smith has warmed to donning the Ray-Bans and the dark suit once again with Tommy Lee Jones for director Barry Sonnenfeld.

    But Ali is the role of his career, and Smith has been working out so strenuously that speculation is he may rethink the "MIB 2" proposition if Mann and producer Jon Peters are unable to set up the Ali project elsewhere.

    The latter, however, is such a high-profile, star-studded undertaking that one of those entities with German stock market funding might gamble on it as a way to become a player in a big film, despite the so-so results of boxing's last big biopic, "The Hurricane."

    The Ali project joins several potentially prestigious but pricey star-studded non-genre films that Sony has either abandoned or laid off rights to.

    One recent casualty is the Lasse Hallstrom-directed adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Annie L. Proulx novel "The Shipping News," which has Kevin Spacey set to star, with "Hannibal" headliner Julianne Moore close to set as his love interest. Miramax has taken over the film, which deals with the dicey prospect of a man rebuilding his life by moving to Newfoundland after rescuing his daughters, whom his wife sold into prostitution.

    New Line has taken over two Sony-originated films: the Alexander Payne-directed dark drama "About Schmidt," with Jack Nicholson expected to star; and "Life as a House," the macabre but riveting script by "As Good as It Gets" scribe Mark Andrus which will star Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas.

    Sony will still distribute "Adaptation," the reteaming of "Being John Malkovich" director-scripter team of Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman. But the financial burden of the film, which stars Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper, has been assumed by indie producer Intermedia.

    The recent housecleaning has been part of an effort by Sony to place its bets conservatively on sequels and pictures with high commercial potential, to offset the 10 films on its 2001 release schedule being financed by former Disney movie boss Joe Roth's upstart Revolution Studios, which has a domestic distribution deal with Sony.

    "We're not going to make movies for audiences that need to be dynamited out of their homes," Sony Picture Entertainment chairman John Calley told Daily Variety. "I would rather make 'Star Wars' than 'Man's Fate."'    -Daily Variety


    Read about another Will Smith film which exceeded Sony's budget cap of $105 million by a factor of two: Warner Bros.' Wild Wild West (1999).



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