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 Robert Conrad's Personal Thread [:)]
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SS novice field agent

610 Posts

Posted - 08/01/2009 :  02:52:33  Show Profile
Mr, Conrad,

First, I hope your latest medical procedure went smoothly and you have a fine recovery.

I'd like to ask ... because the question has come up on this forum more than once:

If a serious, well written, well produced and well directed version of The Wild, Wild West for the 'big screen' was brought to you for your consultation. [As the other film should have been, imho]

Based on your experience in and knowledge of the industry, who would you pick as the producer, the director, the writer and the cast?

Thanks for answering and all you do for your fans. And thanks for answering my question some weeks ago about your favorite actors.

[Jim] Artie, you will help, won’t you?
[Artie] Oh, sure. There’ll be two of us.
TNOT Legion of Death
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 08/21/2009 :  12:50:24  Show Profile
Hello, Mr. Conrad!

I'm the newbie of the website, so I haven't had a chance to check this out until now. Here's my question:

What's the most memorable experience you remember from your work on "The Wild Wild West", or in your work as a television actor in general?

Thanks for answering!

WWWchicky :>

Artie: James…you’re always hanging around.

Jim: An occupational hazard—lately, I seem to get tied up in my work.

--The Night of the Firebrand
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Aunt Maud
SS 1st assignment - desk job

United Kingdom
177 Posts

Posted - 09/25/2009 :  16:01:28  Show Profile
Dear Mr Conrad,

I love stories!
My love of fiction remains as alive now as when I was a child, but my love for true stories has always been the strongest! Living as full a life as I could create for myself easily compensated for my certain lack of imagination! There would be plenty of entertaining anecdotes!

When catching bad guys became incompatible with motherhood, I eventually have made it my life-long work to listen to hundred of stories told by those who entrust me to their unravelling narratives; I have known from an early age that I would never get tired of that, and that there are healing properties in the telling, as there are in the listening.
Maybe there are more than one way to track down and smoke out "baddies?

Having finally plucked up the courage to write to you via this site, I have always been wondering if you had ever wanted to or would care to tell the tale of your own life as an actor and an action-man, and simply as a man, perhaps in the form of an autobiography, or autobiographic fiction ? Perhaps this has already been done? Perhaps it is just not your 'cup of tea'? Perhaps this does not need any answer at all as it is not mine to know...!

"Everyone's life is worth a story" and your work has touched so many people; I am one of many.

The stories that you, and Mr Martin too for the WWW , have brought alive so vividly, giving so much of yourselves in the process, have enchanted my parisian childhood.
The magic is intact and easily recaptured ! I am still under the spell, and shall not let it be questioned ! After all, I discovered Mozart and Vivaldi, Zeffirelli and Shakespeare about the same time; I'm still listening to that, nobody moans !

Tonight I am just glad to be able to say thank you. I owe you, Sir, more than you would care to know!
I owe you, Sir, a million stories!

-...Boiled in oil!
-Isn't that a little too severe, Artie?
Tnot Cadre
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SS 1st assignment - desk job

122 Posts

Posted - 10/09/2009 :  18:39:24  Show Profile
Mr. Conrad,
I hope you got the surgery for your arm that you needed. I've kept you in my prayers every night. God bless you!

"I neither condemn nor condone the mores of others. I think there are very few really, whose conduct reflects unfavorably on the rest of us in this mythical kingdom of Hollywood."

-Robert Conrad
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Robert Conrad
SS Icon - The Action God

16 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2010 :  10:14:50  Show Profile
Hi Guys,

This is Erin - WOW. There are so many kind messages to RC on this thread. I will try to show him the site before the show. You guys are so great.

Anyway - forgive me for the double-post but this is really important and we need your help. RC asked me to ask you to ask everyone you know to email Time Warner Cable and request they carry CRN Digital Talk (all 6 channels) on all of their systems. Time Warner has let us know that they need to hear from fans so, RC was the first to tell me to contact you, his friends, for help.

Here is a sample email:
I am writing you to request that Time Warner Cable carry CRN on all of your cable systems. I am a huge fan of the Robert Conrad show on CRN Digital Talk Radio. CRN just added a network dedicated to Spanish talk radio for the Hispanic female community, too. CRN Talk Radio is the only interactive programming on cable and I would like for you to offer this important programming to all of your customers.


Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip

Your Phone number

Your email address

Please address your emails to:

Please blind copy or email me a copy of the email -

Please tell everyone you know to write now and write often! :)

Thanks so much for all that you do. You mean the world - and I do mean the WORLD - to RC.

;) Erin

Robert Conrad
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Ecstasy La Joie
SS novice field agent

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Posted - 02/20/2010 :  16:00:01  Show Profile
I just sent my email to Maureen!
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 08/02/2011 :  01:34:07  Show Profile
This topic date of 2 years...But I wish to say a hello to Robert Conrad!
Maybe one day...


A little question: how to get to the issue of Mr Conrad?

Thank you!

Les mystères de l'ouest: c'est un état d'esprit...
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SS 1st assignment - desk job

277 Posts

Posted - 04/15/2013 :  09:16:36  Show Profile
Hi, Mr.Conrad,
I realize this particular forum has not been used in quite some time, but in the event you are still reading it, I wish you well.
Also I would like to say thank you for Wild Wild West and also Black Sheep Squadron. Your audience continues to watch them both and appreciates all of your past work on television. Thanks for listening. God bless you, sir.

Jim Smallwood
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SS novice field agent

United Kingdom
1271 Posts

Posted - 02/13/2015 :  00:58:40  Show Profile  Visit Cindylover1969's Homepage
For those who don't know, you can now follow Robert Conrad on Twitter!

"Make them both as uncomfortable as possible." - Marquis de la Mer, "The Night of the Watery Death"
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