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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 09/19/2009 :  11:04:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Artie and Lexi both looked ahead of them when they heard the gunshot.

"Seems we've got a welcome party," Artie muttered, drawing his gun.

"Wait!" Lexi said, as they came out of the woods. The lawn of the mansion stretched out before them like a carpet of white, and the figures of more than one person could be seen in the distance, scrambling around and slamming into each other.

"Hey, that's Stone!" she whispered, and dragged Artie towards the corner of the house. "Go help him!"

"Me? What about you?"

"What about me? Now get going!" she said, poking him in the back. "I'll go around back and meet you over there. Hopefully, we can get there before anyone gets hurt."


Artie cocked his revolver, peeking around the edge of the mansion. He unconsciously heard the footsteps of Lexi as she took off in a full sprint around the perimeter of the house and--when he could hear them no more, he took off across the lawn, staying in the shadow of the hosue as he went.


Artie slid a good six feet across the icy ground until he came to a full stop next to none other than Jeremy, who looked at him in surprise.

"I used to ice skate a lot," Artie said sarcastically. "What just happened?"

"We frantinized with some people who would have preferred otherwise. I thought you were ahead of us," Jeremy commented, glancing downward.

"We got lost--where's Jim...?" Artie's eyes fell, too.

Lying on the ground, by the knelt figure of Stone, was a woman, dressed in a red evening gown.

WWWchicky :>

Artie: James…you’re always hanging around.

Jim: An occupational hazard—lately, I seem to get tied up in my work.

--The Night of the Firebrand
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Mr. Schemes
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 09/19/2009 :  11:33:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Stone looked up "Here is our mysyerious woman in red" He stood and walked to Ol' Jack. He mounted the horse and began walking it towards the trail where he followed Artemus and Silver.

Jeremy worried about leaving the others with no explaination fill them in quickly then mounted and headed after Stone.

"Heres your rifle Stone" Jeremy said handing the carbine to Stone, who pulled the butt magazine out and replaced the spent shells, then slide the magazine back in before slipping it in its boot.

"Thanks Jeremy" Stone said.

"I thought you might need it." Pike answered.

"No thanks for covering me back there when those guys came forward."

"Oh that. It was nothing. You would have done the same for me."

"Still" Stone said "Thanks none-the-less."

The two agents rode on in comfortable silence. They reach the spot were Stone fell through the platform and dismounted.

"Here it is" Stone said "I fell down that embankment" Stone indicated the embankment with his head "and crashed through this."

"Was it light when you fell through?" Pike asked.

"I'm not sure to be honest. When i woke up it was light, but I'm not sure about when i feel through. I was pretty far gone."
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Mr. Schemes
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 09/20/2009 :  12:07:53  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Colonial Richmond sat back in his chair deep in thought. His sharp mind working over time to try to decide what he was going to do.

"Mr. Richmond?" Jewel questioned

"Yes Ms. Jewel?" Richmond answered.

"What are the agents going to do?"

"Well West and Mercier are going to enter the mansion from the front and see what they can find. Gordan and Brooks are going back to where agent Gordan and Silver where locked in the building. Pike and Stone are going back to scout around the grounds then move on to the area where Stone fell through the platform."

"Stone? I know all of the other agents first names except his. What can you tell me about him?" Jewel asked.

"John is his first name. He joined the agency after his fiancée was murdered by counterfeiters. He wanted to strike back at the people who took her away from him. He blames himself for the tragedy. He asked Anna(his fiancée) to meet him in Philadelphia, where he was going to school to be a lawyer. They were suppose to go to Boston and have Christmas with his family. On the way to her hotel room Anna saw something that she wasn't suppose too. She was shot four time then dumped in the river.”

Jewel wiped a tear from her eye as she look at the Colonial “That is such an awful thing to have to live with everyday.”

“Yes it is, but he is very determined. He graduated first in his class. He is an expert with hand guns and boxing. He has beat everyone in the Agency in the ring, including Mr. West.”

“Oh...” Jewel whispered.

“Yes...” Colonial Richmond stated “He never got the man that was the head of the counterfeit ring. That is why he is still in the service. I was leery of accepting him at first, for fear that he would go blind with rage and make mistakes that would cost fellow agents or an innocents their lives.--”

“But he didn't?” Jewel asked.

“No he did not” Richmond said “In fact he has kept his head very well. He does not let the hate cloud his judgment. He is cool, calm, and calculated. I'm glad he is on OUR side.”

“You mean he is that dangerous?” Jewel asked.

“Yes ma'am. You saw what he did to get back here. If he had been on top of his game the three men he shot in the mansion entrance would not have been able to slow him down.”

“Slow him down?!?” Jewel asked in bewilderment. “They never got their guns out of their holsters.”

“Yes ma'am and if he wouldn't have been weak from blood loss they wouldn't have had time to blink let alone grab their pistol butts.”

Jewel sat back humbled and a little scared of Stones abilities.

“Do not worry Ms. Jewel if John Stone is on your side. You never have to watch you back.”
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 09/22/2009 :  15:44:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"So what exactly are we doing?" Lexi said, as she stumbled her way towards her wayward partner.

Artie looked back. "Oh--I was wondering where you went. Stone suggested we check out the entire spread of the grounds, so I'm going to look at the cabin."

"...What cabin?"

"The one where Silver and I were held."

"The lost me. What cabin are we refering to?"

"Most likely, that one."

Lexi looked to where he was pointing, and raised an eyebrow. A few hundred yards away, just at the edge of the mansion's endlesss lawn, was a ramshackle cabin, one that looked like it had been picked up, smashed to bits, blued back together dy a four year old, and hurled back down into the spot where it now stood--well, leaned. It seemed to need a tall oak tree for support to be able to stay up.

"Geez, it makes a livery stable look like a maharajah's palace."

Artie smiled. "Have you ever even been in a livery stable?"

"No--but my father told me all about them. Why, have you?"

"Unfortunately," Artie said, glancing over his shoulder to glare at the distant figure of James West, as he and Roderick Mercier wandered into the mansion.

WWWchicky :>

Artie: James…you’re always hanging around.

Jim: An occupational hazard—lately, I seem to get tied up in my work.

--The Night of the Firebrand
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 09/23/2009 :  17:11:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"Is it just me, or do I hear the funeral march?"

"It's just you," Jim replied, as he closed the door silently behind himself and Roderick. "Though I wouldn't be surprised if someone was playing it. Do you want to split up?"

"I don't know--what if someone's here?"

"Then we'll hear when one of us hollers," Jim said, smiling faintly. "You take the east wing, and I'll take the west. If you don't find anything in the next half an hour, then we'll meet back at the stairs and check out the second floor. Got it?"

"I think so. If not, I have a feeling I'll figure it out rather quickly," Roderick admitted, eyebrows arching for a moment, and then tiptoed his way into the dining room.

Jim smirked. "Smart kid. Let's hope he doesn't get himself shot on his first overseas' assignment," he added, as he disappeared into the living room.

WWWchicky :>

Artie: James…you’re always hanging around.

Jim: An occupational hazard—lately, I seem to get tied up in my work.

--The Night of the Firebrand
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Mr. Schemes
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 09/24/2009 :  15:02:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Stone and Pike worked their way deeper in the twisting maze of the underground.

"Where did you head from here?" Pike asked.

"I took the left tunnel hoping it would take me back to where the head of the mansion was, but it took me to the garden area."

"Then let us go to the right?" Pike asked

He and Stone walked the twisting underground corridor looking for signs of entranceways.

"Here we go." Stone said pushing the rock-face in at a 36 degree angle.

Jeremy came over and helped Stone push the facing inward. The two men stepped in. They walked a hundred yards and came to a large circluar chamber.

"What is this place?" Pike asked looking around.

The walls were aglow with a dark red tent. The room was very thick with oders that caused Stone and Jeremy's minds to cloud.
"Stone we need to get out of here." Pike said pulling his neckerchief over his face.

"Alright Jeremy I'll be right behind you." Stone shifted his Spencer to his left hand and pulled his boot knife out of its holster.
He walked across the room to the otherside of the chamber. He scrapped at the wall with his knife blade. Flakes fell. He pulled his bandanna off and caught some of the falling flakes. He tied his bandanna into a ball and slipped it in his chest pocket.

The two men retreated from the chamber and proceeded on farther into the labyrinth. They came to a underground waterfall. The fall was deep and fast. It collected into a pool that ran under the rock facings.

"Well now we know where the power for all his experiment equipment came from." Stone said indicating the powerful wheel being turned by the water.

"Water power" Jeremy said "pretty impressive."

Stone look at the surroundings and saw a walkway leading under the fall.

"Shall we?" Stone asked pointing towards the walk with his carbine.

"After you." Jeremy answered.
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Mr. Schemes
SS 1st assignment - desk job

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Posted - 09/24/2009 :  19:07:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Jewel talked more with the colonial. He filled her in on some of the feats the agents had over come.

"You mean Ms. Brooks stopped that entire assasination attempted by herself?" Jewel asked.

"No not exactley but close enough. Agent Stone had been knifed and locked in a sinking box with a ticket to the bottom of the sea. But he got out. He used powder from some of his .45 shells and a bandanna to make a crude explosive fuse that busted the box lock. He got to the suite in time to assist Agents Brooks. She had the assasian at gun point but his companion snuck up on her. Agents Stone remedied the situation."

"Wow those two are very talented. I bet she thanked him though." Jewel said.

"No actually Agent Brooks didnt know about the other assaliant or that Agent Stone eleminated him. She doesnt even know that Agent Stone was there. He slipped back out and rode to telegraph me that the mission was a success."

"So what other feats have Mr. Stone accompished?" Jewel asked.

"He stopped a smuggling ring what was importing opiuam into the country. He caught a bank robber that could walk through walls. those are two of his big cases that he solved on his own, but the one that got him the respect of the other agents was when he jumped infront of President Grant and took a rifle bullet to the chest and still went after the shooter."

"Did he get the guy?" Jewel asked.

"Yes he got the guy and subdued him. He was on medical rest after that for 6 weeks."

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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 09/25/2009 :  05:44:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"'Four score and seven years ago,'" Lexi mumbled. "Eighty-seven years..."


"Oh, it's nothing, Mr. Gordon--just thinking out loud."

"What were you thinking about?" he whispered, as they neared the cabin entrance--that is, if anyone could even give this odd structure a name, let alone "cabin."

"Beats me--when I get nervous, I think of the strangest things." She pulled her .45 out, startling Artie just the faintest. He had no idea how she'd concealed something like that on her person, but he wasn't too eager to find out at the moment.

"Oh--interesting." What else could he say? This girl could probably hide a gattling gun in the folds of her dress if she so wished.

The two made their way across the remainder of the lawn until both were pressed up against the side of the building, Artie standing considerably taller than his companion. Lexi, being closer to the door, crossed over to the hinged side of the door, while Artie slowly walked a couple feet away from the door.

Instantly, he charged the door, and broke it down with a loud "SLAM." Lexi, springing through the door after him, covered the left, while Artie covered the right.

Unfortunately, this was unnecessary. The one-room cabin was absolutely empty.

Artie heard Lexi snicker behind him. "Haha," he replied with harsh sarcasm. "This is all so hilarious."

"I think so," she said, wiping her eyes, she was laughing so hard. "You break down the door like you're breaking into Mafia headquarters, and you find absolutely nothing."

Artie looked around, suddenly anxious. "Lexi..."

"Sometimes I wonder whether you and Mr. West are the least little bit--how to say it tactfully...overdoing?--on your assignments..."

"This isn't right..." Artie murmured.

Lexi blinked. "What's not right?"

"The cabin...why would they leave it unguarded..."

"--If I knew you would come back?" asked a voice, as a tall, beak-nosed man stepped out of the shadows. "Really, Mr. Gordon--of all people. Give the evil mastermind some credit where credit is due."

Next to the tall man, Lexi couldn't help noticing, was none other than Marlo Finch, the wayward convict she'd lost the night before. He was holding a pretty little, high-caliber rifle in his hand, one that was pointed towards the two, back-to-back agents.

Artie stared at Marlo. "Marlo Finch?"

The man smirked. "It seems I've become somewhat of a celebrity," he said gruffly, fingering the rifle trigger.

Then Artie turned his eyes towards the first man. "I've got this insane feeling I know who you are..."

Lexi rolled her eyes, even though Artie couldn't see her eyes. "I know who he is. Care to let me make the brilliant statement, Mr. Gordon?"

The beak-nosed man smiled at her. "Ms. Brooks--my pleasure."

"The pleasure's all yours," she growled.

"Dr. Jeremiah Rosenoff," Artie said suddenly, gazing at the man with a bit of fascination. "Of course--you were the man on the flyer in Finch's jacket."

"Bravo," Dr. Rosenoff said, grinning. "I always love to hear a marvelous piece of deduction. I also love to hear the sound of guns hitting the floor--drop your weapons, if you will."

"So much for making brilliant statements," Lexi muttered, as she tossed her revolver.

WWWchicky :>

Artie: James…you’re always hanging around.

Jim: An occupational hazard—lately, I seem to get tied up in my work.

--The Night of the Firebrand
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 10/05/2009 :  12:57:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"It's amazing how much dust can build up over a period of time," Roderick commented, as he pushed away a curtain of cobwebs to enter the dark room.

"You should see our junk closet back on the train," Jim replied, coughing into his fist.

Roderick looked at him. "Junk closet?"

"Well, that's what Artie calls it. It's really just a bunch of things we've accumulated over the years that we've only needed to use a couple of times, or that we never use anymore because we don't need to."

"For example?"

"For example, Artie's fencing sword--when he was in theatre, he'd use that in every performance of Hamlet. It was sort of his good luck charm for a while, when he first started out in the Service. Now, it just sits in the back of the closet, dulling away."

"Does he fence?"

"Oh, yeah--he's one of the best I've ever dueled."

Roderick decided not to ask the obvious question, and continued to search the room. "What do you have in the closet?" he asked instead.

Jim shrugged. "To tell you the truth, not very much--Artie's practically commandeered the whole space for his things."

Roderick smirked. "You're kidding--Mr. Gordon seems like the type who'd be as neat as a pin."

"That's because he outs everything in the closet," Jim replied, grinning. "He's a born illusionist."

"I can tell." Roderick wiped his finger across the top of an armchair, wrinkling his nose. "So what do you have in the closet?" he asked again.

"I'll show you when we get back to the train," Jim said simply, shuffling off towards another part of the room.

Fixing the cuff of his jacket, Roderick couldn't help feeling that there was a double meaning to Jim's statement.

WWWchicky :>

Artie: James…you’re always hanging around.

Jim: An occupational hazard—lately, I seem to get tied up in my work.

--The Night of the Firebrand
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SS novice field agent

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Posted - 10/10/2009 :  08:26:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"You know, it's amazing..."

Artie rolled his eyes over towards Lexi--or the back of her head, anyway, since she was back-to-back with him in her straight-back chair, her chains rattling in protest as she tried to move.

"What's amazing?" Artie asked dully, not even bothering to try and loosen his chains at this point.

"Me, being kidnapped with one of the best of the best when it comes to last minute escape plans--and we haven't thought of one yet."

"We? I haven't heard any brilliant ideas from you in the last hour," Artie said coldly. "I'm the only one trying to figure out a way to get out of this."

Lexi sighed, shifting her stiff feet inside her boots. "Well, maybe if you hadn't dragged me along in the first place, we wouldn't have ended up here."

"You made me do it..."

"No--you made me do it. You wanted me to crack and tell you why I can't stand being around you for one second, right? That's the only reason you brought me with you, isn't it?"

Artie glared at the wall, but didn't say a word.

Hearing nothing in response, Lexi twisted her head around as far as she could, her nose a couple inches from his right ear. "Do you really want to know why I hate you so much? Because you're so critical--everything has to be just perfect for you to be happy. If I do one thing wrong, you come crashing down on me with a million words of instruction. You don't let me figure out anything for myself--you just pound the information into me, making sure I don't forget it."

Artie was silent, staring at the wall.

"Well? Do you have a smart response to that, Sherlock?"

"I...I didn't want you to get hurt again," he said quietly, his eyes never leaving the wall. "I didn't want you to make a mistake and...and end up like you you were that day I found the basement."

Lexi blinked in surprise, slowly turning to look at Artie. "What?"

"When I found you, were in pieces," he said, barely breathing. "So...fragile. I was scared me, Alexandria."

"I did?" she whispered, ignoring the use of her full name. She was just too surprised.

"You did. When I was in training, at the Secret Service, it had been so easy for me. I'd been among the top graduates of my class year, and I'd never had a slip-up--everything always worked my way. I always seemed to be on top of things, and never made a mistake in the process.

"But when I saw you...when I saw you there, in the basement, huddled in the middle of the room, I just...I don't know. I felt so...guilty, for having it so easy. And I was scared...scared that you...that you, there, in the dark, could have just as easily been me."

He dipped his head slightly. "I just didn't want to see you hurt, Lexi--because if you were ever hurt, I...I'd never forgive myself."

Lexi realized her jaw was dropped, and quickly snapped it shut. "Oh, Mr. Gordon, I--I'm so sorry. I'm such an idiot," she declared, slumping in her chains. "I always just thought you were being a jerk to me because you felt I owed you something."

Artie started, turning toward her. "Are you kidding? Lexi, you're one of the best agents I've ever had the privilidge to work with. I'm the idiot for ever giving you that impression," he added. "I should have given you some explanation."

Lexi smiled weakly. "That might have been nice about a year ago," she teased.

Artie smiled. "Sorry--I can build an adhesive that can hold a man for 22 seconds, but I can't build a time machine."

"Neither can I." Lexi laughed. "But I made an adhesive that can hold a man for 30."

Artie blinked in surprise. "You do?"

She nodded. "But I haven't worked the kinks out of it yet--it's very acidic."

Suddenly, a mischievous grin crossed his face. "You wouldn't happen to have any of that with you, would you?"

WWWchicky :>

Artie: James…you’re always hanging around.

Jim: An occupational hazard—lately, I seem to get tied up in my work.

--The Night of the Firebrand
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