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 Found vid clips of RC - 1/23/10
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Posted - 02/06/2009 :  20:18:03  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Maverick episode - Yellow River. One of RC's earlier performances. Cute aint' he!
* *
Problem with link. It's gone. Will see if I can find another.

Lock-up - The Harry Conners Story. Another early performance.

Added - 12/29/08
Found 'em!
RC doing a little singing - Mi Conformo w/Marisol
And a little comedy w/Marie Osmond. Silly girl avoiding RC like that.
* *
Another link is gone. Video removed due to terms of use violation. So youtube user must have been naughty or something. Don't know if we'll ever see that clip again.

Added - 12/30/08
Battle of the Network Stars 1978 - RC Profile

Clips re-found by Blacksheepbrat64. Thanks BSB64!
RC's Eveready battery commercial
Clip from Weekend of Terror
Clip from The Wild Wild West Revisted
Commercial for The WWW Revisted
Clip from Battle of the Network Stars
Intro to BBBS
Interview with RC and the real Pappy Boyington

Added - 12/31/08
Adam-12 - The Radical. Been waiting for this one to come up. Sadly he only appears in the last 5 minutes.

Added - 1/1/09
Hawaiian Eye opening. 2 versions posted. Not sure if used during different seasons. Any original or repeat viewers who might know?
Hawaiian Eye - 2 Million Too Much. Almost a full episode. Poster is a Barbara Bain admirer.

Added - 1/2/09
Sea Hunt - The Stunt. Whole ep. RC only appears in clips 2 - 4. WWW femme fatale Lisa Gaye is a guest star.
TNOT Vicious Valentine. Whole ep. Poster appears to be an Agnes Moorehead admirer. Our favorite agents are wearing some of my favorite outfits. Placing TNOT VV in both RC & RM since both are equally represented.

Added - 1/3/09
Sudden Death - Trailer. I find it hard to believe that at some point in time this might have been considered cool. It seems so totally hokey now.

Link to Ptolemy's cache of audio clips of RC singing
Songs listed below with direct links to play audio clips
1. I Want You, Pretty Baby -
2. Ballin' the Jack -
3. Bye Bye Baby -
4. Love You Baby -
5. Keep it Up -
6. Noah's Ark -
7. I Just Gotta Have You -
8. The Great Magician -
9. Cindy is Gone -
10. Again -

Added - 1/6/09
Re-found by YankeeGal - Palm Springs Weekend clip. Thank you YankeeGal

A music video done by someone other then Ptolemy! Putting it in both RC & RM found vid topics.
The Boys Are Back in Town
The user took down their "Sharp Dressed Man" video. Don't know why but researched a bit and got their web page if you want to see vid.
If Sharp Dressed Man is put back up on youtube I'll be sure to post it.

Added - 1/8/09
Clip from Assassin. If I remember correctly RC doesn't appear until about 1/2 way thru the clip.
Clip from RC's appearance in Columbo - An Exercise in Fatality. It's in spanish but just look at him! Who cares! Wish whoever had it in English would put it back up.

Added - 1/10/09
Jingle All The Way theatrical trailer
Jingle All The Way. The whole movie. Being a bit lazy so you'll have to find RC yourself.

Added - 1/13/09
Samurai Cowboy movie trailer. Cute trailer.

Added - 1/15/09
Clip from the movie Assassin. Found by DoubleTake

Added - 1/17/09
The Lady in Red - RC as Dillinger. RC appears 1/2 way thru clip 6 and bites the dust rather violently about 1/3 way thru clip 8.

Johnny Carson Show. Not RC but about 1/3 of the way thru you see the classic spoof JC did of RC's Eveready commercial.

Added - 1/19/09
Centennial. Clip of RC from Centennial. Post is for another actor.

Added - 1/21/09
Centennial. Another clip of RC w/Richard Chamberlain. Nice little jig they're doing.

Added - 1/23/09
Wrong is Right clip compilation. What do you think of that mustache on RC?

Added - 1/28/09
Battle of the Network Stars XV. Small clip of RC interviewing Ben Murphy. Poster is a Ben Murphy fan.

Added - 1/30/09
Battle of the Network Stars. Pidgeon brought to my attention. Race between RC and Gabe Kaplan. Enjoy!

Added - 2/6/09
Politically Incorrect - Stem cells/AIDS. Copy isn't the greatest for clarity but RC still looks pretty good. Does anyone know how many times he appeared on Politically Incorrect? I'm quite sure it was more then once.

Added - 2/11/09
Clips from various eps of W3. - TNOT Murerous Spring - TNOT Howling Light - TNOT Burning Diamond - TNOT Inferno - TNO A Thousand Eyes

Added - 2/14/09
Hard Knox. Something funny to view on Valentine's Day. Red West also appears in the scene. I recognize a couple of the recruits in the clip. Alan Ruck from the old Spin City and Stephan Caffrey from Tour of Duty.

Added - 2/17/09
Palm Springs Weekend trailer

Added - 2/20/09
Richard Marx music video - Hazard

Added - 2/25/09
1978 Battle of the Network Stars - Football competition

Added - 3/1/09

Added - 3/3/09
Eveready Battery Commercial 1979. Rather a nice close-up of his face.

Added - 3/5/09
Highway Patrol - Revenge. An unexpected find. An early acting job by a very young Robert Conrad. Unfortunately he meets the same end as he did in his Maverick ep.

Added - 3/12/09
The Bandits. The whole movie but it's all in Spanish. Like the Maverick ep he meets the same fate but until that time he's great to look at.

Added - 3/14/09
Eveready Battery Commerical circa '77.

Added - 3/21/09
TNOT Headless Woman. A bit odd since the poster didn't exactly put the whole ep up. Oh, it's all in French.

Added - 3/27/09
Eveready Battery Ad '77

Added - 3/28/09
les mysteres de l'ouest - La Nuit des Tenebres
Translated: The Wild Wild West - The Night of the Inferno
Have no idea where the 2nd half is. They only posted the 1st half.

Added - 4/2/09
Les Mysteres de l'ouest - The Night of the Big Blast.

Added - 4/8/09
Tag from TNOT Tarter
english -
french -

Added - 4/15/09
Compilation of clips from TNOT Doomsday Formula. All in French.

Added - 4/19/09
Clip from the W3 DVD of their interview on the morning show Everyday. Sub-titled in French.

Added - 4/25/09
A virtual W3 episode - "WARNING" may not be suitable for all viewers

Added - 4/29/09
High Sierra Search & Rescue clips

Added - 5/3/09
TNOT Bogus Bandits - Opening tag. In spanish.

Added - 5/14/09
A youtuber Robert Conrad Tribute. A nice little vid.

Added - 5/15/09
A clip from Battle of the Network Stars 1979 - Poolside intro of the contestants.

Added - 5/29/09
W3 promo

Added - 6/2/09
Clip from TNOT Janus

Added - 6/16/09
Centennial clip - with the added bonus of seeing Clint Walker also!

Added - 6/19/09
Baa Baa Black Sheep mixed clip

Added - 6/21/09
TNOT Eccentrics snippets

Added - 6/26/09
Another Baa Baa Black Sheep mixed clip

Added - 7/1/09
TNOT Feathered Fury snippets

Added - 7/8/09
Another Baa Baa Black Sheep mixed clip with a surprise at the end

Added - 7/10/09
Dead Above Ground - Trailer/Ad. RC appears at about a third of the way thru.

Added - 7/16/09
A Man Called Sloane opening credits for episode 2 - The Seduction Squad

Added - 7/22/09
The Gallent Men - And Cain Cried Out

Added - 7/27/09

Added - 8/1/09
Clip from Coach of the Year - w/Richard Marx music in background.

Added - 8/4/09
Coach of the Year - the whole movie

Added - 8/11/09
Bat Masterson - One Bullet from Broken Bow

Added - 8/15/09
Palm Springs Weekend clips

Added - 8/22/09
W3 fight scenes. RC doing what he does best. Unless of course someone posts all his kissing scenes! Then the statement is debatable. Happy viewing!

Added - 8/25/09
No footage of our hero but a lively discussion by some local media people on KOFY Retro Night about our favorite tv show.

Added - 9/2/09
High Mountain Rangers opening credits

Added - 9/7/09
Video of someones memorabelia collection - a nice collection imho

Added - 9/14/09
Intro and ending credit to an Assignment Vienna episode and a picture montage of photos from that series - intro/ending - montage

Added - 9/24/09
High Mountain Rangers - clips from the pilot

Added - 10/4/09
Les têres brûlées - Opération radar.

Added - 10/12/09Les mysteres de l'ouest - La nuit de la terreur

Added - 10/18/09
High Mountain Rangers clips - Wounded Bear

Added - 10/29/09
Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy clips

Added - 11/13/09
High Mountain Ragers clips -

Added - 11/21/09
Les têres brûlées

Added - 12/6/09
Lord of Limbo clips

Added - 12/22/09
Vicious Valentine in portugeuse.

Added - 1/7/10
Black Sheep Squadron aka Baa Baa Blacksheep. Looks to be 4 eps by my count. enter Black Sheep Squadron in search box

Added - 1/23/10
Les mystères de l'ouest - 01 - La nuit fatale
*translation: The Wild Wild West - 01 - The Fatal Trap*
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