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 Found vid clips of RM - 12/17/10
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Posted - 02/06/2009 :  20:15:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just to start things off. One of the best clips I ever found and the first that I put up of RM.

The Great Race - Leslie vs The Baron. An excellant scene by Ross Martin and Tony Curtis. link no longer valid

Bonanza - Little Man - Ten Feet Tall. An excellant episode.

Added - 12/29/08 link no longer valid
Stump the Stars! - Dick Van Dyke cast vs regular panel

Added - 12/30/08
Charlie's Angels - Unidentified Flying Angels
Clip from Mr. Lucky. Poster appears to be a Barbara Bain admirer

Added - 12/31/08
Richard Diamond, Private Detective - The Sport. I believe it's a full ep. RM appears in the clip 1 & 2. Poster is a Barbara Bain admirer.

Added - 1/1/09 link no longer valid
Quark - All the Emperor's Quasi-Norms. Quirky 70's sitcom. Nielson might not have liked it but I thought it was funny.

Added - 1/2/09
The Twilight Zone - Death Ship link no longer valid

The Twilight Zone - All Four of Us Are Dying
Unfortunately it is all in spanish. Once I find an english version I'll replace this one. But it's nice to see RM. Leaving spanish version up.
(english version - added 10/1/09) link no longer valid
TNOT Vicious Valentine. Whole ep. Poster appears to be an Agnes Moorehead admirer. Our favorite agents are wearing some of my favorite outfits. Placing TNOT VV in both RC & RM since both are equally represented.

Added - 1/3/09
Link to Marc Zicree interview with Ross Martin
Sanford And Son - California Crude. Whole ep but RM appears only clip 2. link no longer valid

Ptolemy has again posted the links to his cache of RM radio shows
The board link is to descriptions of the shows.
Direct links to radio shows.
36th Man -
Bazal off Papers -
Carnival of Menace -
Chicago John -
Corpse Takes The Stand -
File2218 -
Holdout -
Man in the Moon -
Marionettes -
Mother -
Night Before Christmas -
Porgy, Bess and George -
Sabotage -
Shanghaied -
Smoke Screen -
The Doll -

Added - 1/6/09
A music video done by someone other then Ptolemy! Putting it in both RC & RM found vid topics.
The Boys Are Back in Town
The user took down their "Sharp Dressed Man" video. Don't know why but researched a bit and got their web page if you want to see vid.
If Sharp Dressed Man is put back up on youtube I'll be sure to post it.

Added - 1/10/09
One Step Beyond - Echo
Link #1
Link #2
Link #3 (Added - 7/29/09)
Making 3 links available. Links # 1 & 3 is the whole episode in one go while the other (Link #2) is in 3 parts.

Added - 1/17/09 link no longer valid
Dean Martin Variety Show - RM appears about 2/3 way thru clip. Just married and so it obviously took place after his heart attack. He looks very healthy there. Added bonus is that Ricardo Montalban appears also in this clip.

Added - 1/23/09 link no longer valid
The Great Race. Clip is of Natalie Wood but you can see a small appearance by RM near the end.

Added - 2/6/09
Fantasy Island - Lookalikes/The Winemaker

Added - 2/11/09
Compiliation of clips from the Collossus of New York. RM in beginning of clips and then just his voice afterwards.

Added - 2/20/09
The Night Gallery - Cool Air/Camera Obscura/Quoth the Raven. The portion RM is in is Camer Obscura. Starts in the middle of the video.

Added - 2/25/09
The Night Gallery - The Other Way Out

Added - 3/2/09 link no longer valid
Richard Diamond - The Bookie. Whole ep.

Added - 3/12/09
Zorro - Auld Acquaintance. Not only do you get RM but Mr. Ricardo Montalbahn also!
1st link link no longer valid

2nd set of links. Unfortunately the person seems to have left out part 3.

Added - 3/15/09
Wonder Woman - I.R.A.C. is missing

Added - 3/21/09 link no longer valid
TNOT Headless Woman. A bit odd since the poster didn't exactly put the whole ep up. Oh, it's all in French.

Added - 3/28/09
les mysteres de l'ouest - La Nuit des Tenebres
Translated: The Wild Wild West - The Night of the Inferno
Have no idea where the 2nd half is. They only posted the 1st half.

Added - 4/2/09 link no longer valid
Les Mysteres de l'ouest - The Night of the Big Blast.

Added - 4/8/09
Tag from TNOT Tarter
english -
french -

Added - 4/15/09 link no longer valid
Compilation of clips from TNOT Doomsday Formula. All in French.

Added - 4/19/09
Clip from the W3 DVD of their interview on the morning show Everyday. Sub-titled in French.

Added - 4/25/09 link no longer valid
A virtual W3 episode - "WARNING" may not be suitable for all viewers

Added - 4/26/09
Conquest of Space - Trailer (1955)
10 minute clip compilation. You can see Ross but unfortunately it's just brief glimpses and the clarity isn't the greatest. link no longer valid

Added - 5/4/09
$50,000 Pyramid - a bit of RM playing

Added - 6/21/09 link no longer valid
TNOT Feathered Fury - He doesn't say anything but at least it's something.

Added - 6/29/09 link no longer valid
Stump the Stars clip

Added - 7/7/09
The Crooked Hearts - tv movie commercial

Added - 7/14/09 link no longer valid
Underwater Warrior trailor

Added - 7/21/09 link no longer valid
The Great Race - the whole movie! (RM appearance starts at pt 13)

Added - 7/27/09
Bat Masterson - Treasure of Worry Hill

Added - 8/1/09
Gemini Man - Minotaur.
Posted all the links individually because the youtuber mispelled Minotaur on one of the clip headers.

Added - 8/9/09
Hollywood Squares

Added - 8/15/09
Experiment in Terror clips - opening credits - RM - RM - RM

Added - 8/22/09 link no longer valid
W3 fight scenes. You can see RM in some of them.

Added - 8/25/09
No footage of our hero but a lively discussion by some local media people on KOFY Retro Night about our favorite tv show.

Added - 8/30/09 link no longer valid
The beginning minutes of the movie Geronimo.

Added - 9/12/09
Gunsmoke - Land Deal - bit wonky, bad upload

Added - 9/22/09 link no longer valid
Swing Out, Sweet Land - clip

Added - 10/1/09 link no longer valid
The Twilight Zone - The Four Of Us Are Dying. (Pasting link up with the Deathship ep further up the page also)

Added - 10/12/09
Les mysteres de l'ouest- La nuit de la terreur

Added - 10/31/09 link no longer valid
Experiment in Terror clip. Warning to RM fans - Shirtlessness!

Added - 11/6/09
Extra on Exp in Terror - nice comments by director regarding RM

Added - 11/13/09 link no longer valid
Mork and Mindy - Mork and the Bum Rap. Thanks to sambev for finding it.

Added - 11/21/09
Laramie - A Sound of Bells

Added - 12/6/09
Lord of Limbo clip

Added - 12/22/09
Vicious Valentine clip in portugeuse

Added - 1/23/10
Les mystères de l'ouest - 01 - La nuit fatale *in french*

Added - 2/14/10
TNOT Double-Edged Knife.

Added - 3/6/10
Card Sharks.
*Ross only appears in the first clip. The poster didn't have his ep up but a little Ross is better then none. *

Added - 3/20/10
TNOT Firebrand ,- he's here

Added - 4/11/10
An appearance by RM in the gameshow Password Plus.
*I just have to add he did great in the final round.*

Added - 5/11/2010
A wee clip of RM in Stump the Stars

Added - 6/1/2010
Season 1 of W3

Added - 7/6/2010 link no longer valid

Experiment in Terror

Added - 7/12/2010
RM in Mr. Lucky.
That Stands for Pool - 21 November 1959 (Season 1, Episode 5)
Little Miss Wow - 12 December 1959 (Season 1, Episode 8)

Added - 8/4/2010
Ellery Queen - The Adventure of the Pharaoh's Curse

Added - 8/22/2010
The full $50,000.00 Pyramid appearance by RM.

Added - 9/21/2010
S3 playlist of W3 -

Added - 10/18/2010 link no longer valid
RM Tribute

Added - 11/17/2010
Wagon Train - The Sam Pulaski Story

Added - 11/20/2010
Link submitted by Snish. Which is great because my old link is no longer valid.

Added - 12/17/2010
Small snippet from Columbo's - Suitable for Framing.
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