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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Artiespet Posted - 08/28/2007 : 11:16:58
Pet sat in the saloon nursing her whiskey thinking about the mission they had just completed. She was one step closer to her ultimate goal and that put a smile on her face. The fact that she would still be paired with the Deb quickly removed it.

Man, what was Grant thinking? And the flipping mission is over…can‘t Deb be paired with someone else? Pet was deep in thought when a whispered conversation at the next table caught her ear.

“You think we kin pull this off?” One rather unsavory looking character was saying to another rough looking man.

“The boss said all we gots to do is git the President and bring him to his hideout. He’s supposed to be in Apache Junction day after tomorrow ta make the place a city or some such nonsense.”

“How we gonna git ta him?”

“Grant likes ta drink, don’t he? We can get him in the saloon. Theys tons of ways ta git ta him in there. We need one of them whatchama call ems…diversions.”

Pet decided this was something her fellow agents needed to be aware of and she thought of a way to find out more about the boss and the plot. She turned to the men and spoke in low tones.

“That is a conversation you best not have around prying ears, gentlemen.” They glared at her.

“What do you know about anything?” the first one said.

“I know a lot more than you think.” Pet glared back. “And I know you will fail. You need a leader you couldn’t find your way out of a wet paper bag with a hole in both ends.” Pet sneered.

“What makes you think we should listen to what you have to say?” he asked her.

“Simple. I used to work for the man.” Both men stared at her with open mouths.

“Then why would you want him kidnapped?” The man asked warily.

“The man fired me for blowing up a courthouse to save a friend. I could care less what happens to him.” Pet pulled her bottle of whiskey from her table and filled their glasses.

As they talked she learned the first one was called Red Taylor and the other was Zack Rollins. They had been commissioned by none other than Dr. Miguelito Loveless to kidnap Grant and bring him to him so he could experiment on Grant with a new mind controlling drug he had developed. Loveless had told them he wanted it tried out on someone called Mr. West first. Pet’s ears pricked up at this information and knew she would have to get back to her partner with it.

“I think I have enough to get started. What do you say we team up? I want to see Grant suffer and your boss wants him to suffer. Let me handle this and I can guarantee you success and the money Loveless promised you.” The men leaned their heads together in whispered conversation before turning back to her.

“We’ll try this your way. But we gotta find this Mr. West first and get him to the boss.”

“Not a problem I have someone in mind I can put on that right away. You two will be my go between with Dr. Loveless. I don’t need to meet him just yet.”

Pet left them with their instructions to wait at their hotel after they told Loveless they would have Mr. West by tomorrow night. She would contact them there. Pet left to find Apple and fill her in.
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kitana Posted - 02/07/2008 : 18:04:39
An young man rode up to the funeral parlor tied his horse and stepped out of the rain he took off his hat and slicker and stepped into the funeral parlor he walked up to the picture of Kit and layed a single flower below it he then took a seat across the isle from the other ladies. He sat quietly and waited for the services to begin.

Jeremy and Jim came in they noticed the young man but said nothing. Jim whispered to Bess "Artemus is supposed to be bringing Pet along." and Jeremy and Jim took thier seats.
nittanyapple Posted - 02/06/2008 : 14:31:08
Bess and Apple and Pidge paid the waitress for breakfast then started out of the hotel. A clap of thunder sounded and a flash of lightning streaked across the dark sky. The concierge opened an umbrella and led each lady out to the cab waiting to take them to the funeral parlor.

The ladies rode in silence, silently watching the town roll by. Water rolled from rooftops and drained down gutter piping, flooding the once dusty streets. The wheels of the cab made a s*cking sound as they rolled along in the mud, but the mares pulling were quick and sure, keeping the cab moving.

At the funeral parlor the undertaker waited with another umbrella and escorted the ladies inside. There were flowers everywhere, but no casket. Just a photograph of Kitana, taken for her file at the bureau, placed on an easel at the front of the room.

Pidge walked over to the organ to prepare for her musical interlude honoring their friend and fellow agent. Bess and Apple sat down near the front of the room and held a quiet discussion concerning Pet. Would she appear? How would she react if she did?
kitana Posted - 02/01/2008 : 12:39:34
It had been almost three weeks since Kit came to stay with the Widow and the nightmares had gotten worse. The sleeping powders the Doctor had given her were not working and she hadn't had a full nights sleep since she had been found. The Widow and her family had been very good to her but she would leave soon she had to find out what the dreams meant if anything.
She stepped out onto the porch and it looked like it was going to be a partly cloudy day, it looked like it might rain on the other side of the mountain and if luck had it it would come this way the Widow's garden could use a rain she stood on the porch for awhile and then got to work on her chores she had to earn her keep and it as the least she could do for the widow.

The widow looked out the window at Kit/Lena she knew the young woman would go soon she could see it in her eyes she just prayed that when she did leave that Lena would find what she was looking for.
nittanyapple Posted - 01/31/2008 : 06:49:13
The morning of the funeral dawned with clouds on the horizon, rolling in quickly. It would be overcast with a very good possiblity of rain for the funeral.

Jim and Artemus sat at the table, finishing their breakfast and reading the local newspaper. Finally Jim spoke.

"She isn't dead, you know." Arte looked up sharply. Jim met his gaze. Arte nodded.

"I was thinking the same thing, actually, partner. What makes you say so?"

"It isn't like Loveless to not leave a "calling card" when he can," Jim said flatly. Again Arte nodded.

"Just what I was thinking. What do we do about it?"

Jim grinned. "We keep searching...after the funeral of course."

"Of course!" Arte returned his partner's grin. "We must pay our respects first. She'll love the story of her funeral when we find her."

The two agents finished their breakfast then prepared for the day.
nittanyapple Posted - 01/20/2008 : 19:50:38
"You aren't the only one who needs a drink Artemus," Pet glared at him.

"Of course, of course," Artemus lifted his own glass and the trio of agents shared a toast to their friend and colleague. Apple set her glass down and Arte filled it from the bottle he had purchased. Pet noticed this but didn't comment. She too had downed her drink but she didn't think that Apple was still drinking like she had on their last assignment when she had been undercover.

Artemus cleared his throat. "Well ladies, I trust that the two of you discussed what needed to be discussed?" He smiled encouragingly at them. Apple nodded, but neither woman spoke for a moment. Apple finally asked Pet what she knew of Kit that she could share, any memories she had of their coworker.

Pet was uncomfortable sharing personal information about Kit, but she remembered a time when she and Kit had pulled some pranks and started to tell Artemus and Apple about them. She became animated and laughed heartily, which drew the two others in. She was quite the story teller.

The three continued to drink through the late afternoon. James, Jeremy, Pidge, and Bess joined them and finally Artemus ordered dinner for everyone. They enjoyed the company, food, and drinks, and made sure to tell as many stories about Kit as they could remember.
kitana Posted - 01/20/2008 : 16:55:32
Artemus really wanted to be alone but he was a gentleman after all he stood when the two joined him and he ordered a round of drinks "What brings you two ladies here?" He asked as he sat down the saloon girl brought over the drinks and Artemus asked her to bring a bottle she came back and he paid for it tipping her well.

nittanyapple Posted - 01/20/2008 : 16:46:38
"Just like it isn't my fault that you won't talk to anyone about what is bothering you," Apple countered. Pet eyed her, then shook her head, a small grin playing across her mouth.

"Deb, am I gonna have to like you?"

"I'm afraid so, partner."

"Well then if that's the case, I need a drink. Make that 20," Apple rolled her eyes at Pet's sarcasm. "Care to join me at the saloon?" Apple laughed and the two women left the railcar and started off to the saloon.

Pet pushed the swinging doors and entered the smoky room with Apple right behind her. Apple noticed Artemus in the back corner and nudged Pet. They joined him when he waved them over.
kitana Posted - 01/20/2008 : 14:29:02
Artie felt bad leaving Apple with Pet but knew she would do better than he could have done. He walked past the funeral parlor and straight to the saloon he ordered a drink. He silently toasted Kit and ordered another one his memory had come back and he remembered Loveless shooting Kit and he was unable to do anything he blamed himself even though he could have done nothing, Kit had been in his charge after being paired up with him on the mission and he had let her down. It was never easy losing an agent but to watch one die and not be able.... Stop it Artemus he thought and took another drink he then ordered a beer and moved to a table in the back. He knew Jim would find him when he was needed right now he needed to deal and this was a good way to do it.

Artiespet Posted - 01/20/2008 : 13:32:43
"Not so fast, Deb. One thing I have learned in my life is that if something affects you this badly you need to get it out somehow. You've never dealt with how you felt about your brother because he turned around he made it." Apple looked at her shocked that Pet would or even could figure out so emotional an issue. When she didn't reply Pet continued.

"Deb you have to stop blaming yourself." At Apple's shocked look Pet knew she was on the right track so she pressed on.

"You can't be everything to everyone. It just can't be. Trust me I know what's going through your mind. You can only be the who you are the caring individual everyone knows you to be. It's not your fault your brother couldn't handle things and chose drugs. Just like it isn't your fault..." Pet stopped not wanting to bring herself back to the forefront of their conversation.
nittanyapple Posted - 01/20/2008 : 13:18:47
Apple was astonished. Pet was showing concern, and ACTING on it. Then it occurred to her that perhaps Pet was trying to diminish any focus on her own pain.

"Pet, you're sure..." she hesitated, not sure how to begin. "You're sure that you don't need the powders?"

Pet was unperturbed. Apple was being herself, so be it. "No Deb, I don't. I can handle myself. Now out with it."

Apple licked her lips as she looked down at her hands in her lap. Pet was right, Apple had been holding in her emotions. Kit's disappearance and the searching, and now her death pronouncement had started to take a toll on her.

"I've told you about my brother Kent before, Pet."

"Yep. Addicted to morphine. You told me."

"And I must have told you that he almost died, right?"

"I believe that you did, yes," Pet waited expectantly.

"Well it's just that those memories have come flooding back, is all," Apple looked up at Pet, "Now your turn. How is this affecting you?"
Artiespet Posted - 01/20/2008 : 13:06:33
Pet waited until Artie had left the room before she turned to face her partner. This sure as hell won't be easy, Pet thought as she took in her partner's appearance.

"Deb...uh...Apple, I will be fine. Don't need any powders. But don't look like the Deb." Pet settled uneasily on the setter beside her.

"Pet, are you all right?" Apple asked concerned.

"I'm fine, Deb. But you are not. Something's been bothering you for a while now. Why don't you tell me what it is? Maybe I can help." Pet prodded hoping she was doing the right thing and in the right manner.
nittanyapple Posted - 01/20/2008 : 12:56:24
Artemus was sitting on the settee while Pet stared at a map of the territory that was usually hidden behind cabinet doors when Apple burst through the door of the parlor car, breathless. Her eyes went directly to Pet, who hadn't turned around, then to Arte. He motioned her over. She softly closed the door and went over to the settee.

"Blossom, have a seat. Calm down," Arte said quietly as he took her hand and pulled her down. She turned to look again at her partner who had not moved but kept staring at the map.

"Jim says the doctor wants her to be medicated. Is that true? Arte, she shouldn't have medication..." Arte shushed her.

"It's all right. Sleeping powders...and it was only a possibility if she didn't calm down some, and she has. I think that she really needs to talk to someone, though she will fight it." He looked at her with his familiar soft smile gracing his face. "Apple, partners look out for each other, and I know that Pet will confide in you," He kissed her forehead as he stood. "How could she not?" He winked at Apple, then left her alone with Pet.
kitana Posted - 01/20/2008 : 12:49:41
Jim looked at Bess "I ment some sleeping powder."

He looked at the others he really was no good with his feelings and he had no idea how to help these ladies not only had Kit been a fellow class mate but also a friend.

Jeremy spoke "What can we do to help move this along I think it will do everyone a world of good not to drag this out we have alot that needs to be said and done and its time that we greve properly i think."

He stood silent wondering if the shoes were gonna fly...
nittanyapple Posted - 01/20/2008 : 12:30:06
Apple looked sharply at Jim. "I don't think so. She really can't have anything." She turned to Bess and Pidge, "Can you ladies handle the rest of the arrangements without me? I am going to talk to Pet."

Without waiting for an answer Apple was out the door. As fast as she could walk without flat out running Apple headed toward the train. Her partner needed her, whether she would admit it or not, and Apple was going to be there for her.
kitana Posted - 01/20/2008 : 12:10:43
Apple nodded no that they didn't need any help and Jeremy looked at Bess "When will the araigements be ready?"

Jim spoke "Pet is getting more worked up by the moment and I know the doctor is gonna want to give her something."
Artiespet Posted - 01/20/2008 : 11:52:28
"You only think you know." Pet spoke softly.

"Then tell me." Pet fidgeted in her seat, this conversation was going in a direction she was most uncomfortable with.

"Mr....Artemus, this is why I don't let my emotions get the better of mr or at least I try not to. I lost the greatest friend I ever had...losing Kit is almost as bad. That is why I don't make friends and don't want any."

Artie didn't know what to say to allay her fears. He put his hand on hers and stared at her for a moment.

"Well, just know that there are people who care about you. We are here to listen to anything you want to say. Just next time don't say it with your fists, huh?" He smiled at her and she returned the smile halfheartedly.
kitana Posted - 01/20/2008 : 11:38:30
Jim and Jeremy made it to the funeral home and walked in Jim noticed Bess and the other ladies He and Jeremy explained that Kit's family would not be comming to the funeral and he asked if there was anythig he and Jeremy needed to do?

Meanwhile back at the train Artie manged to get Pet to at least set down "Kit wouldn't want you killing yourself over her famlies recation to the news."

Pet looked at him knowig he was right but hating every minute of it.

"Pet, we know how you feel, let us help"

Artiespet Posted - 01/20/2008 : 10:18:20
Pet sent the acknowledgement and sat staring at the paper before her. HOW could they do that? How can her family deny she even existed let alone ignore her passing? Sure Kit's done some things they might not have approved of but the woman's daed for pitty's sake! The very least they could do is come pay respects to her. Pet slammed her fist down on the desk and crumpled the message. She threw it across the room and again slammed her fist onto the desk just as Artie, Jeremy and Jim entered the parlor.

They stared open mouthed wondering what had finally set off some kind of emotions in their fellow agent. Jeremy saw the crumpled paper and retreived it. After reading it he passed it to Jim and Artie who quickly scanned its contents then turned to look at Pet.

She was standing in the now open door to the platform, staring off into the distance.

"Pet you can't do that." Artie told her somberly, getting odd looks from Jim and Jeremy.

"Why not?" Came the stoic reply.

"It's not right, Mr....Artemus." Pet said fire burning her words.

"Because you have friends now. Your fellow agents are here to help you. We can and we will help you through this. And besides the doctor won't clear you to ride for some time yet. You wouldn't want me to ride Little Boy to find you would you?" Artie tried to add humor to get her to smile.

Pet turned to him and stared at him for a long silent moment before allowing herself to almost smile.

"That I'd like to see. That horse only allows one rider. Anyone else gets a quick trip to the ground."

"Has anyone seen the other ladies? I know Apple said something about handling arrangements..." Pet let her sentence trail off.

"Come to think of it no we haven't." Jeremy said.

"Jim amybe we should go find them I'd bet they are at the funeral home." Jim and Jeremy quietly took their leave, leaving Artie there to try and patch things up with Pet and perhaps figure her out.
kitana Posted - 01/20/2008 : 09:18:38
At the telegraph office a message comes in and the operator hands its off to a delivery boy the young man heads towards a train parked off the main line He knocked on the back door of the varnish car and waited. A woman who was obviously very tired and handed her the message Pet tiped the boy and closing the door sat down to read the message.


Pet knew she had to let the others know that none of Kit's family would bother comming.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 01/18/2008 : 18:45:01
Bess looked over the message to give to the telegraph clerk.


Bess knew little about Kit's family but hoped she'd get an answer. She headed back over to the funeral parlor to help Apple and Pidge with the rest of the arrangements. As she stepped into the funeral parlor, that cold panic feeling hit her again.

'Come on Bess shake this off' She said to herself 'Keep yourself straight for Kit.'
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 01/18/2008 : 11:21:20
As Bess stepped in the funeral parlor, the blood drained out of her face. She stumbled, accidently running into Pidge.

"Bess, what is the matter with you?" Pidge asked.
"Pidge, you and Apple take of these arrangements, I'm going to send a telegram to Kit's family." Bess replied.

Bess headed for the telegraph office.
Pidgeon Posted - 01/17/2008 : 20:20:11
Pidge remembers to pick up the bottle of tonic as they left. She tucks it inside her bag, stops to smooth her hair and her dress in front of the mirror and dabs her face with a clean handkerchief.

"Coming." She calls out in response to Bess and closes the door behind her.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 01/17/2008 : 20:06:04
Bess put her hand on Pidge's shoulder.

"Come on Pidge, we need to go the funeral parlor to make arrangements,
Apple's going with us."

All three headed for the funeral parlor. As they stepped inside, Bess made a mental note to herself as soon as they had finished the arrangements, she was going to arrange a telegram for Kit's family.
Pidgeon Posted - 01/17/2008 : 10:38:58
Pidge follows Bess to her room where Bess digs into her luggage. She pulls out a bottle with a label saying "Dr. Hatfield's All-Purpose Tonic." She pours a small amount for Pidge and hands it to her to drink.

"Down the hatch, Pidge."

"What is this stuff?"

"It's medicine, Pidge. Dr. Hatfield's All-Purpose Tonic. I got it back in the last town we were in. Kind of a side deal. Suppose to calm nerves, reduce stress, soothe aches and pains. Here. Take the whole bottle. I have another for emergencies."

Pidge downs the drink and picks up the bottle to examine.

Bess sits down and peers outside. "You know, Pidge. You ought to play the music for Kit's funeral." She continues to look outside as she speaks. "Pidge. You owe it to her. We all owe it to her. Play the music."

Bess turns towards Pidge for her response. Pidge sighs and nods her head, tears flowing down her cheeks.
Pidgeon Posted - 01/17/2008 : 08:55:50
Pidge pulls Bess over to the side to talk with her.

"Bess, I need something to tide me over. Got any chocolate on ya?"

"No, Pidge. Hardly." She looks her over and says, "Come on. I have a little medicine you can take that will take the edge off for you."

"Good, then lead me to it."
nittanyapple Posted - 01/17/2008 : 08:31:53
"Pidge..." Apple started as Bess sat down next to Pidgeon on the step of the Wanderer's platform. "We have to make these arrangements." Apple fidgeted as she stood on the depot platform. She couldn't really meet the eye of either one of them.

"Why of course we do, Apple," Pidge looked struck by Apple's attitude. She and Bess glanced at each other, then followed as Apple strode off toward town.
Pidgeon Posted - 01/17/2008 : 07:43:48
Pidge turned to Bess, her heart in her throat. "I..I..I don't know if I can handle this." The shock laid on her chest like a heavy weight. She sat down slowly.

"Bess, what are we to do? She's gone?"
Artiespet Posted - 01/14/2008 : 09:43:48
The men watched as Pet stood staring out the window no hint of emotion on her face. Jeremy glanced at Jim and shrugged his shoulders. Jim shrugged his in return and shook his head. They had no idea how to handle this agent in this state of mind. Had she blown a gasket they would have known but this quiet, reserved person before them…left them feeling quite clueless. The only one who really knew how to deal with Pet at all had just been declared dead.

Artemus took in the scene his heart full of sadness. Kitana was a handful and when combined with Pet an unstoppable whirlwind of activity. He would miss her as they all would. But there were things to be done and he knew Pet would want to do what she was able to for her friend. He recalled the argument in the hospital room between Pet and the doctor. He hadn’t wanted her released to any duty and attending a funeral was out of the question. Pet had argued and the doctor had finally relented enough to allow them to let her recuperate on the train muttering something under his breath about the sad state of the federal government if they allowed agents like her to serve the country.

“Pet,” Artie almost whispered as he rose and stood beside her, “we really need to notify Kit’s family. We don’t’ have anyone listed in her file…uh…would you happen to know…” Artie let the sentence trail off. Pet finally turned to look at him working hard to keep her face an expressionless mask.

“I’ll do what needs to be done.” She turned toward the telegraph key and the men bowed out of the room quietly to give her time to compose her thoughts.

Telegrams to follow…just waiting for Kit to reply to my IM lol
nittanyapple Posted - 01/13/2008 : 12:19:17
Two weeks had passed with no sign of Kit. Pet hadn't recovered enough to be out searching, but she investigated as much as she could, looking for signs of her friend. The rest of the agents would go out in small groups for days at a time, tirelessly searching, relieving the previous group.

It was inevitable, the telegram.

No word on Agent Montgomery's whereabouts -stop- presumed dead -stop- End search -final stop-

Arte's face fell when he heard the message tapped out. Now he had to gather the rest of the agents and relay the news from Washington.

As they gathered aboard the Wanderer the tension was palpable. Pet paced nervously, not wanting to sit. The group watched her surreptitiously, not wanting to touch off a firestorm.

Artemus cleared his throat, not wishing to prolong the tension any longer. Everyone looked at him, and even Pet stopped pacing.

"We received a telegram from Washington," he began quietly. "About Kitana." He looked at Pet, but she turned and looked out a window. Apple moved closer to her partner, but she knew better than to touch her.

Artemus read the telegram. The group remained silent, waiting for Pet to explode. It didn't happen. Instead, she quietly said, "She deserves a funeral then. If Kit's dead, she should be remembered."

Apple touched Pet's arm, then turned to Pidge and Bess. "We can go to the funeral parlour in town to ask for the space. There should be flowers, too." The ladies left the train leaving Pet with Artemus, James, and Jeremy.

ok ladies and readers, I'm getting there! I am busy at work and can't think!
kitana Posted - 01/09/2008 : 16:50:16
Kit was at the well when the Widow came up behind her.

“hun are you ok?”

Kit didn’t hear her at first but she felt her touch. She turned to look at the old woman.
“Dreams, things just out of reach.”

“come inside and we can talk”

The Widow nodded as Kit told her the dreams “I can’t stay and yet I owe you so much.”

“You owe it to your family if they are out there. We have a spare horse you may take and I can give you a blanket or two.” She walked to a cabinet and pulled out a revolver she sat it in fron of Kit. “That belonged to my husband, I can’t give it to just one of the boys I would like you to have it.”
Kit picked the rvolver up and checked to see if it was loaded she stare at the gun in her hand and the noise was loud she heard yelling saw a surgical tent.

“Lena, Lena” Kit looked up at the Widow and saw concern in the old woman’s eyes.”Are you sure you are up to this?”

“yes Ma’am I have to find out who I am. As soon as I know I will write and repay you for your kindness.”

She sat down “when will you leave?”

“Once Doc says I can travel.”

The widow nodded and begain to prepare dinner. Kit placed her knew things in her room and came back to help the widow for sleep was not helpful at this point.

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