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T O P I C    R E V I E W
kitana Posted - 07/23/2007 : 07:26:53
(Disclaimer: This is a Role Playing Game done Via Internet. Everyone is invited join and new villains or allies are most welcome. We are always looking for Fresh new ideas and welcome them all. We hope you have as much fun reading this thread as we have writing it. Again all are invited to join)

Please also if you join in rememeber to keep it G or PG so that we may continue to enjoy everyones creativity and ideas.
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blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/19/2007 : 20:49:47
Thanks Pet!
Artiespet Posted - 08/19/2007 : 19:41:40
Originally posted by blacksheepbrat64

Bess looked at everybody.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but lets get the heck out of here!"

And the group headed for the train.

That was a great ending to this story Bess.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/19/2007 : 17:35:20
Bess looked at everybody.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but lets get the heck out of here!"

And the group headed for the train.
kitana Posted - 08/19/2007 : 17:32:54
Kit smiled at Bess "You did just great, No matter what you would have said the verdict would have been the same they didn't care about the truth."

blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/19/2007 : 17:30:14
Bess rode up beside Kit and Pidge.

"Kit, I'm so sorry about my testimony, but I really tried. I didn't think that stuff about my family would matter. But that prosecutor made it look like I was a liar just because I lied about my age and name. Then that stuff about my dad. I am so sorry."
kitana Posted - 08/19/2007 : 17:25:53
Kit didn't even acknowldge the explosions or the conversations she was deep in thought.Wondering what would happen next, Pidge rode up to her.

"Kit while we were at Franklin's Bosley found some information seems the good Col was involoved in the counterfit scheme and the proof of some of his claims against you were false. We didn't want to say anything in that town to keep the information safe."

"I understand Pidge, Thanks." She looked at the others "Thanks for helping out all of you. I owe you."

Kit was trying to wrap her mind around what had happened and how the group of people risked thier lives for her.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/19/2007 : 17:01:23
Bess had a third remote in her hand, thanks to Pet. As she was riding away, the jail blew up. Bess looked back at the smoke and looked relieved. Hopefully this was also the end of Morgan's reign of terror and his obesession with Bess.

Artie glanced over at Bess.
"Did you do that,Bess?"
"Guilty as charged," replied Bess.

Artie shook his head at Jim.
"What a group we have here!" He said.
"You can say that again, Artie."
Artiespet Posted - 08/19/2007 : 16:26:41
Kit and Artie ran for horses Artie had placed earlier and jumped on them and took off. The rest of the group was waiting just outside of town. They had to head back toward the train Orrin was bringing to them. They hoped they could get far enough away before the posse started out after them.

Pet didn’t bother to turn in her saddle as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the remote controls. She kept it carefully hidden in her palm as he thumb flipped the cover switches up. She waited until they were far enough away from town they would be neither suspected nor followed.

Pet grinned wickedly as she brought her thumb down on the first button. Then she moved her thumb over to the button on the second remote and hit it.

Behind them the courthouse erupted in a plume of smoke, flames and flying bits of the building. The group turned as one and stared as pieced of wood timber, and embers fluttered back down toward the ground. Flames shot up high about the trees licking the skyline.

Second later they heard another explosion. They turned back around and watched as the gallows blew up in a fireball. They saw the Support beam fly high in the air the noose still attached. They could hear the screams from the townsfolk and they knew that whether or not she had intended to Pet had quite possibly bought them enough time to escape.

Artemus turned back and looked at Pet, he was somewhat surprised when he saw that she hadn’t turned around with everyone else. It took all the restraint Pet had not to stop and admire her handiwork. Artemus rode up beside her and stared, waiting for her to acknowledge him. When she didn’t Artie decided he would speak.

“Pet, you LIED to me!” Artie was furious. Pet finally turned to look at him.

“No, sir, I did not lie I invoked my right to use creative omission.” Pet looked him in the eye.

“Creative…oh brother, James…have you been giving lessons when I had my back turned?” Artie snarled to his partner.

“Not me, Artie,” Jim chuckled, “but it sounds like Pet and I need to have a long conversation.” Artie smirked at Pet until Jim continued. “I’d like to hear more about this creative omission and how it works.” Jim smiled as Artie rolled his eyes and groaned.
kitana Posted - 08/19/2007 : 16:16:12
The hangman looked at Kit and leaned know to tie her feet to the sand bag He stood up and cut the ropes winked at her as he put the noose loosly around her neck.

He stood to the side and pulled the lever Much to everyones suprise Kit slipped through the noose and hit the ground she rolled to the side as the hangman/Artie threw a few smoke bombs, jumped from the platform and pulled Kit up "We gotta Move!"
kitana Posted - 08/19/2007 : 15:46:50
After the alloted time they lead Kit to the gallows ahe didn't say a word to anyone or anybody. They had let the Reverand come in and speak with her but she said little to him.

Stopping at the bottom of the steps Kit looked up at the gallows she saw a bag at the top and the rope slung over the uppermost timber. She could see through the steps past the legs of the gallows to the group of people massing to watch. Slowly she climbed the steps one after another each step became harder to take if she could some how jump the rail she might have a chance or be shot down but anything was better than this. "No!" she willed herself to go on she had done no wrong why run away from this.

At the top she could see the people clearly now and she sighed. The Judge read her sentence out but she didn't hear him all she heard were the noises of the growd a bird in the distence and a cool breeze she felt on her face, the things of life in away she would miss it but in other ways this would be a relief.

"Do you have anything to say?"

"Yes" she mumbled "I am sorry for your loss what you have been told is a lie I did my best for each and everyone of your loved ones.We are not God or the Fates or whomever you worship we are simply human and as humans we have faults and no matter how hard we try this human flesh is weak and sometimes it fails. Hundreds of years from now if we as a country survive that long people will still die; it is the way of things. I do not claim to be a God I do not pick and choose who lives or dies, I do my best as a doctor and sometimes it is not good enough. In war men die young and old alike, mothers are left without sons, daughters without fathers, but it is not the doctor’s fault he or she didn’t fire the bullet or the canon, but the solider who believed he was doing right. That is all I have to say."
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/19/2007 : 11:23:23
After talking to Pet, Bess walked up to Mrs. Franklin.

"Before you mouth off anymore Mrs. Franklin, its your husband behind this kangroo court and had me kidnapped so I couldn't testify. Well let me tell you one thing, if its the last thing I ever do, I'll see your husband hang!"

Before Mrs. Franklin could answer, Bess stormed off. She had things to do.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/19/2007 : 11:19:50
Bess went over and asked Pet if she could talk to her a minute. Bess told Pet what she needed help with. They began discussing in whispers on how to do it. First get Kit out of this mess, then take care of the "other" problem.
Pidgeon Posted - 08/19/2007 : 09:27:16
As Kit was being led out of the courtroom, a very angry Mrs. Franklin turned on Pidge and spoke.

"Federal agent? Your husband is a federal agent? You stayed in our home. Ate our food and enjoyed our hospitality and all the while your Bosley was a Federal agent? Well. We can see all the good it did you and your friend, can't we? I want a front row seat so that I can watch her hang!!"

And with that she turned her back and stormed out of the room.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/18/2007 : 14:01:54
Jim was stunned for a moment, then went after Bess.

"Bess, what is the matter with you? Why did you slap me?" asked Jim.

"I'm so sorry Jim, when I came to, I thought you were Morgan."

"Morgan? What does he have to do with this?"

"He was with Col Franklin's men, Pet says there are on their way to jail, lets put in a word to the prison authority to fix his face back to what its suppose to be."

"Are you ok?" asked Jim.
"Yes, physically, but not mentally, we've got to get Kit out of this, are you ok?"

Bess noticed Jim looked slightly pale. She hoped he was going to be alright. Besides helping Kit, Bess had another plan also, which she needed Pet's help.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/18/2007 : 12:00:40
Jim carried Bess to a bench. When she opened her eyes, she saw Jim's concerned look. Confusion from the emotions and drugs overcame her. She hauled off and slapped him.

"Get away from me! Can't you leave me alone?" Bess yelled as she tried to make her way back into the courtroom.

blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/18/2007 : 09:44:45
Jim, who was behind Bess, caught her before she hit the floor.

Meanwhile, the courtroom exploded into chaos.
Artiespet Posted - 08/18/2007 : 09:10:59
Pet had been standing in the back of the courtroom when the verdict was pronounced. Her head snapped up and there was a fire in her eyes as she glared at the Judge.

"I said I will NOT allow this!" She whispered as he eyes found Apple's who gently shook her head no at her partner.

Apple could see Pet clenching and unclenching her fists and was worried. She knew Pet had something up her sleeve but she also knew Pet's explosive and volitile temper so she was a bit confused when Pet merely took several deep breaths then once again settled back against the wall she had been leaning against.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/18/2007 : 08:35:15
Bess heard in the office the verdict being annouced. She quickly wiped her face and headed back to the courtroom. Just as she entered through the doorway, her emotions plus the drugs Midas had given her took its toll. The room began to spin and blackness overcame her. She passed out.
kitana Posted - 08/18/2007 : 05:49:30
Kit felt so sorry for Bess she knew she did her best.

"Defense do you have anymore witnesses?"

Jeremy Soloamly spoke "No your Honor."

"The judge turned to the Jury "You have heard the acusations made here and the defense, Please consider carefully before you reach a Verdict."

The jury left and Kit looked at Jeremy "Please tell Bess I am very Greatful for all she has done and Pet as awell as the rest of you."

Jeremy Smiled at her "you will get the chance to tell them yourself."

They courtroom was quite for all but about 5 minutes when the jury came back in.

"Gentelemen of the Jury how do you find Miss Montgomery."

"We find her Guilty as charged."

Kit sank lower in her chair as her heart sank in her chest how could theydo this.

"Miss Montgomery. Please step forward."

Kit did as instructed although her legs didn't want to cooperate.
"You have been found Gulty of all charges I therefore sentence you to death by hanging."

Kit Nodded she felt as if she were going to pass out but she resloved herself to stand on her own two feet.

"Judgement will be served just before sunset in two hours."

The deputies came and handcuffed Kit the young one from earlier whispered "I'm sorry" Kit just nodded numb now to her surroundings.

(OOC: To be Cont later maybe not til tomorrow work calls)

blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/17/2007 : 20:11:43
Bess needed to be alone for a moment. She was on the verge of tears and didn't want anyone to see her cry. That was one thing Bess Moore would not allow anyone to see.

There was a tiny office outside the courtroom that seemed to be deserted for the moment. Bess went in there, shut the door, and let the tears flow.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/17/2007 : 20:08:30
Bess glared at him. Now he was trying to defame her character? No way.

"My father was not a traitor, he was considered one in the south because he joined the union army, and guess what the south did to his family? They burned the house over our heads and tried to burn up my family. Our whole plantation was destroyed. He was not a traitor."

The prosecutor held up his hands.

"Thats all for this witness."

"But, but I'm not finished," said Bess.

"Miss Moore, you may step down."

"I said I'm not finished..."

"Miss Moore, if you don't get up, you will be arrested," the judge said.

Bess looked at Kit and Kit nodded. Bess got down from the witness stand. This was just great, she'd just really messed up things for Kit. If they were going to hang Kit, it would be her fault.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/17/2007 : 19:57:48
"That's it for now," Jeremey told the judge. He looked at the prosecutor.

"Miss Moore, is it true you were serving under false pretenses?"

"No," Bess said, "Not exactly false pretenses."

"I'm repeating again, Miss Moore, did you serve under false pretenses?"

"If you are referring to I lied about my name and age yes."

Murmurs went through the courtroom again causing the judge to bang his gavel to order.

"Miss Moore, why did you lie about your name and age?"

"Because I was only 14 at the time and I wanted to help in the best way I could."

"And one more thing, is it true your father is a traitor?" asked the prosecutor.

If looks could kill, the prosecutor would have been long dead.
kitana Posted - 08/17/2007 : 16:42:03
Kit really wished Bess had done this not that she wasn't greatful but Bess was so young during the war and she didn't need to be relieving those memeories now, no one did.

blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 08/17/2007 : 14:58:08
Bess takes her place on the witness stand. Jeremy adresses her.

"Miss Moore, I understand you have known Kit Montgomery for a long time, is that correct?"

"Yes, that is correct,"Bess replied,"I served under Dr. Montgomery, and I was there with her during all of these 'so called' incidents and what these people say is not true. Not true at all."

The prosecutor leaps to his feet.

"I object, the witness has not been asked the question, yet."
"Substained," replied the judge, "I'll allow it, continue Mr. Pike and Miss Moore, just answer the questions."

"So Miss Moore, you were there during all the said incidents?" asked Jeremy.
"Yes," Bess replied,"Every one these witnesses has described and everything they say is a lie."

Murmurs ran through the courtroom. The judge banged his gavel.
"Order in the court," he yelled, "Order in the court! Continue Mr. Pike."

Bess closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them. All of the memories began flooding back.
Artiespet Posted - 08/17/2007 : 09:32:40
Pet storms into the courthouse slamming the doors open and helps Bess into the room. She glares at the Colonel as she helps Bess to the witness stand. She looks at the judge then to the jury and breathing deeply she collects her thoughts.

"Bess is here to testify on Kit's behalf but NOT because of the so called good Colonel over there. I just saved her from being kidnapped by some of his men who are at this very moment being taken to the jail." A murmur goes through the crowd.

"Miss Pet, do you have any evidence of this?" The Judge asked her.

"Yes, your honor. They told fellow government agents James West and Bosley Cranston right after they attacked Miss Moore." Pet was seething.

"I see we'll take that under advisement, Miss Pet. You may be seated."
Artiespet Posted - 08/17/2007 : 09:04:59
Originally posted by Pidgeon

OOC: Snerk. Pet, that's great. No lady should be able to deck a man. Snerk

Yeah well I'm sure there's not a lot of people who would call Pet your average lady snerk.
nittanyapple Posted - 08/17/2007 : 09:03:36
****Posted for Bess while she is at work****

Bess and Pet come running around the corner, headed to the courthouse. Bess notices Bosley and Jim, but goes running past them. Jim starts to ask her what happened and she doesn't answer. She has to get inside. She'll have Pet inform everyone where she has been. As she enters the courthouse, she sees Apple start to get up up. Apple turns to see Pet draggin Bess into the room. With a quick signal, Bess understands what is going on and heads to the witness box, with Pet's help.
nittanyapple Posted - 08/17/2007 : 09:02:08
"Kit everything will be fine," Jeremy started. Kit's expression was one of confusion, and she started to speak, but Jeremy continued. "Bess, something strange happened, but Apple will step in..." Kit grows anxious at this development.

"But Apple doesn't know Bess's side, how can she...?" Kit can't finish the sentence because the bailiff has called for Bess Moore to take the stand.

Apple stands, ready to walk forward to the witness stand.
nittanyapple Posted - 08/17/2007 : 07:59:33
Apple quickly decided that James and Bosley could take care of this mess. She needed to get back to the courtroom, and quick...Kit would need someone to step in as Bess. No one in town knew either of their names, so Apple would be able to stall for time, hopefully.

Returning to her seat in the gallery, she nodded to Kit, and passed a note to Jeremy, giving him a heads up on the situation. He made eye contact with Apple, who nodded back at him, then he turned to Kit.
kitana Posted - 08/17/2007 : 06:14:51
Kit turned around and noticed everyone of her fellow agents were gone. This did not bode well for her she sat solomly as she just knew they had believed what the other witnesses had said. Pet had spoken on her behalf but she was now gone and Kit couldn't be certian why she too left. Pidgeon was still there she stood out in her colorful dress dress. Kit smiled at her and turned back to Jeremy wondering how he was going to stall this until Bess showed back up.

"Defense do you have any more witnesses?"

"yes your honor."

"Well the call them or I will go ahead and send this case to the jury"

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