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 Pidgeon's party on the train

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Pidgeon Posted - 05/23/2007 : 08:48:43
Hey everybody. This is a carryover from the newbie thread. Since I recently graduated from SS Spy School, we're having party on my train.

Please fix yourself a drink, help yourself to some delicious food (all cyberspace, of course) and mingle with our invited guests.

Additional note added 7/25/07: This whole thread started off as a fun way to "party" in cyberspace and morphed into something a lot more fun. We started an adventure story near the bottom of page 14 and it grew from there. The beginning of something new is always a little rough but it does get better. In fact, through friendship and practice our stories improved a lot with time. We hope you enjoy reading it and seeing how much fun we had as we went along. It's been a great ride!
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nittanyapple Posted - 07/22/2007 : 10:41:02
We thank the readers of this thread for putting up with us as we explore our writing, and what is going on in our lives. We have found this to be a great diversion and we look forward to our next adventure, which will not have ANY marriages! LOL Kitana said no! If you would like to contribute, you are always welcome, we are not an exclusive group, even though we look like we are. We have developed into a tight knit group of friends, but we are open to new ideas and characters!! If you want to contribute, just hop in~villains are welcome as well.
nittanyapple Posted - 07/22/2007 : 10:39:07

TNOT Contagious Marriage

The agents went back to Washington DC the following morning for many reasons, including to move into new homes and to get new assignments.

Artemus and James were to remain partners, of course. Bess and Pet worked together with their husbands, seperately. Pet became quite the munitions expert, and Bess, well she still specialized in diversions. Her biggest diversion came five years later, when she and James had a bouncing baby boy, James Artemus Wyatt West. He was the first of two more children. Two girls followed and Bess was of course happy to stay home, while James started taking assignments closer to home.

Arte and Pet stayed with the service for many years. After adopting two small boys Pet and Arte had a little girl of their own. Arte finally returned to the stage once in a while in community theater and Pet started her own fireworks company in Maryland. The family loved pyrotechnics!

Pidge and Jeremy gave away most of Pidge's inheritance to worthy causes, built their dream house, and Jeremy left the service to be an ambassodor. Pidge stayed home with their six children, teaching them their lessons herself. Jeremy eventually came back to the service as a trainer.

Kitana and Douglas Parker went into medical practice together, after a few years with Kit staying in the Secret Service. Douglas wanted 5 children and Kit wanted two, so they settled on three.

Apple and Wade settled in Silver Spring, MD. Their daughter, Gabriella Grace, named for the gift from God that she was, was born in December. She was dubbed Ella by her Uncle Artemus, and it stuck. Apple stayed with the Archives of the Secret Service, but took undercover positions many times through the years. Wade was promoted several times, and worked missions in conjunction with the Secret Service until he retired as a Colonel in the Marines.

nittanyapple Posted - 07/22/2007 : 09:48:07
Apple and Wade say goodnight to their friends and head back to the hotel. As Apple sits at the vanity table to brush her hair she finds the small box that Artemus had given her the night before. She had forgotten all about it. She opened the lid and found a note:


The friendships that I have witnessed come to fruition among you ladies has filled my heart. Each of you has received love from the others, and I have given each of you a reminder of that. May these hearts remind you of that love for always.

Yours, Artemus

Apple put the note down on the table, then out of the cotton batting she pulled a silver heart with her name engraved on it. It brought tears to her eyes to think that this sweet man had thought enough of she and her friends to do something so touching for each of them.
Pidgeon Posted - 07/22/2007 : 07:59:24
Pidge takes a moment to kiss the happy couple and wishes them well. She presses an envelope in Douglas' hand and says that it is a wedding present from his loving "sister."
Jeremy then gathers Pidge up in his arms for another dance while Kit and Doug continue their dance.

Pidge and Jeremy take one last turn around the dance floor and then quietly leave the group. They walk hand in hand across the street to the livery stable. There they saddle up their horses and ride back out to the Springs where Kit and Douglas got married. They walk up to the river, take off their shoes and sit with their feet dangling in the water.

This is a time of reflection for them. A time to look back at all that has happened and to plan for the future. Kit and Douglas have the whole night ahead of them and they're sure that they won't be missed.

They talk about the assignments ahead. How things are going to change with the Secret Service and what President Grant is going to expect from them. Pidge tells Jeremy that she would like to donate the majority of the inheritance to worthy causes and he agrees.

They speak about life after the Secret Service and agree to purchase land somewhere for a house and any children they might have.

Pidge gazes at the reflection of the moon in the water and watches the ripples as Jeremy skims little flat stones across the water's surface.

Jeremy plans the house he would like to build for them with how much land and where...

Pidge thinks of the children she'd like to have fill the house.

Artiespet Posted - 07/21/2007 : 19:24:12
Artie pulled his wife out onto the dance floor and swirled her around, his hand on her waist, as they danced, the room and the other guests melted away until only Artie and his wife remained.

He held her close as they danced the night away not noticing when the music stopped. Finally they parted and he looked deep into her eyes.

"Pet my love, I will forever treasure the day I found you. You have done something no one else has ever managed to have completed me, made me whole. I love you." Artie pulled her into a deep embrace and passionately kissed his wife.
nittanyapple Posted - 07/21/2007 : 19:20:55
Wade led his wife around the dance floor, his eyes on her alone. His heart was full as he noticed how beautiful Apple looked. Her dark hair was shining and she practically glowed, a smile radiating from her face. Kissing her was the most natural thing to do at this moment, and he did.
kitana Posted - 07/21/2007 : 19:16:51
As the couples danced to the music dancing across the soft breeze each one was nervous yet completly happy about the new lives they would start together. The full Moon begain to rise and cast its aprroving glow upon the happy couples and slowly one by one the stars begain to dance as the came into view.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/21/2007 : 19:08:16
As Jim led his wife on the dance floor, he smiled and then laughed.

Bess'James West, is my dancing that funny?'
Jim'No Bess, I was just thinking of something you said when you had to get Artie and me to see Jeremy on that first mission we had.'
Bess'And what was that?'
Jim'That marriage is contagious!'
Bess' I believe that with this group and still believe there is something in the water on that train.'

Jim kissed his wife as they made their way across the dance floor.
nittanyapple Posted - 07/21/2007 : 19:02:01
kitana Posted - 07/21/2007 : 18:52:47
"... New Orleans, old mexico is a bit rough for a honeymoon."

"Then New Orleans it is." Kit Kissed him as a waiter brought them some champainge.

Jim lifted his Glass "To Dr. and Mrs Parker, may you have a happy, full and long life together."
Everyone toasted and Dr Parker Spoke "I would like to Toast my Wife, Kitana I loved you from the moment I saw you and HAve spent the last year searching for you... You are like no other woman I have ever meet. You are So special to me and today I consider myself the luckest man on earth. To You my Love." He raised his glass

Everyone toasted and the band begain to dance again, Kit sat thier glasses down and one by one each couple went out onto the dance floor, as the sun was setting the purple and orange glow through the trees cast a magical light upon the group.
Pidgeon Posted - 07/21/2007 : 18:43:03
Doug's hand slipped around Kit's waist and held her firmly as they danced their first dance as husband and wife. His other hand held hers lightly as they glided along the dance floor.

Douglas could hardly believe his good luck. He had married not only the most beautiful woman in the world but also the bravest, the smartest and the kindest. All wrapped in one adorable package.

"Kitana, darling. Where would you like to go for the honeymoon? Mexico? How about New Orleans? I hear that it's beautiful this time of year. Or what about San Francisco?"

Kit muses. "I think, perhaps, I would like...
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/21/2007 : 18:41:26
As Bess watched the happy couple, she began remembering when they first started their mission. It had started with a marriage and now everyone was happily married. She looked at Artie and Pet. Now Artie had found his soulmate in Pet. Apple was happily expected her child. Wade hugged Apple and patted her tummy. He just couldn't wait. Bess was so glad that Pidge and Jeremy found each other. Bess had been worried about Pidge after the mess with Horatio, but Pidge had finally found happiness with Jeremy. And Bess finally gave Jim another chance and was she glad she did. The music was stopping and the dance between Kit and Douglas ended with a sweet kiss.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/21/2007 : 18:29:55
Kit and Douglas looked so happy. They were looking at each as if there was no else around. Doug held Kit tightly while they dance their first waltz.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/21/2007 : 18:28:11
They followed Kit and Douglas into the reception. No one would have ever known it had been put together at the last minute.

A string quartet was playing with a champagne fountain beside them.

Kit and Douglas began dancing their first dance as husband and wife.

Artie, Pet, Apple, Wade, Jeremy, Pidge, Bess and Jim all took their seats and watched the happy couple.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/21/2007 : 18:18:21
One by one the other couples follow Kit and Douglas. They follow the happy couple to the reception.
Pidgeon Posted - 07/21/2007 : 18:06:52
The minister smiles at the young couple. It is obvious how much in love they are.

"Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today, in the presence of God, to witness the vows of Miss Kitana Montgomery and Douglas Parker....

At the crucial time, the minister asks for the ring. Jeremy reaches into the inside pocket of his suit jacket and pulls out a wedding ring complete with five little diamonds. He looks at it, smiles, and hands it to Douglas.

Douglas, so very proud of his bride, places the ring on her finger.

A small tear of happiness escapes and trickles down Kit's cheek.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Kitana and Douglas kiss.

The minister beams and says, "Ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to be the first to introduce to you...Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Parker."

Everyone cheers and applauds.

The happy couple turn and begin the recessional to the tune of "Ode To Joy."

Pidgeon Posted - 07/21/2007 : 17:59:21
Artemus is playing his heart out on the violin. It sounds so beautiful. Kit, on Jim's arm, is walking a path of strewn rose petals. She takes small steps. Slowly to the music. Tears are coming down the eyes of all her friends.

Douglas is standing next to the minister. His eyes widen when he sees Kit and all her beauty. He holds his arm out to her as she approaches and she slips her arm through his. He whispers in her ear, "Kit. You are so beautiful. I love you." She blushes and they both turn to the minister.

Artemus plays the final strain of his song and smiles.
kitana Posted - 07/20/2007 : 20:17:51
Kit gave Jim a quick kiss on the cheek and they followed the others. As Kit neared Douglas looked at her in Awe the sun was right to shine off her lavander dress and she was washed a light glow. She was smiling and she had tears of joy in the edges of her eyes. Artemus had chosen the perfect song and everything was just as Kit had pictured it.

(OOC: Ok Pidge I await your wonderful writing skills)
Pidgeon Posted - 07/20/2007 : 20:05:44
The sun is set just right for a wedding. Fluffy white clouds dot the sky. The dulcet tones of a violin come floating across as the ladies make their way to the water's edge where everyone is waiting.

blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/20/2007 : 20:05:21
Jim turns to Kit.

Jim'Since I'm giving you away, I'm giving you this for good luck.'

He handed Kit a penny and helped her put it in her shoe. Now she was ready.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/20/2007 : 20:01:15
Jim meets the wedding party. He is overwhelmed to see how all women looked.

Bess'In a few minutes Jim, show time again.'
Jim'How do I look?'
Bess'Just fine, just fine.'

One by one all the girls hugged Kit. They got in line and headed for their entrance. Jim held his arm out and Kit took it. Kit made her way nervously.
nittanyapple Posted - 07/20/2007 : 20:00:43
The ladies look lovely in their pretty dresses. Kitty in her lavendar, Pet in her blue, Bess in her emerald green, Pidge in her pink, and Apple in her yellow.
Pidgeon Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:51:51
The beautiful tones of Artie's violin can be heard as they approach the site for the wedding.
kitana Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:51:42
Kit teared up "oh Bess thank you" she gave her friend a hug and looked at them "This is it shall we go?"
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:49:04
Bess hands Kit Grandma Bess's lace hanky, the one Bess held when she married Jim.
Pidgeon Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:48:17
The caretaker's wife, Mrs. Lillian Rosemond comes in to inform them that the minister is ready and that the gentlemen are all set.
nittanyapple Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:46:39
Apple gives each man present a boutinierre. She pins them on for them herself, saying a few words to each of them as she does. She heads to the caretakers cottage a few minutes later and hears Kitty ask if she has everything.

"Flowers!" Apple comes in with the flowers for each member of the bridal party.
kitana Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:45:04
Kit put on the dress and had Pet help her with her hair bess pined down the veil and she looked at her friends.

"So it is almost here thank you so much."

She put on her jewlery and gloves "DO I have everything?"
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:44:48
OOC--No Kit, you;re not going to get what Katie got from her check list.
blacksheepbrat64 Posted - 07/20/2007 : 19:43:45
Bess starts putting Kit's wedding clothes out with the famous check list of old, new, borrowed, and blue.

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