By the accomplished UK author of  How the West Was Wild, Andrew Pixley

OK ... well, within one day of its UK release, the whole country lost interest. I think that the single peaked too early, before the film came out, and the reviews over here were rather bad. Hence only 10 other people in the cinema when me and (a friend) went to see it on Friday (August 27th).

I don't think it's a bad film, but I can see why: a)  the critics and b)  TWWW fans didn't like it. The mass audience would be looking for something like "Men in Black" ... and that it wasn't. As for devotees of the original, the main problem is the re-inventing of Jim West as a wise-cracking comedy character as opposed to the rather smooth fella who finds himself in offbeat situations. I can understand why Bob Conrad was upset.

However ... I did think that Kevin Kline presented a very acceptable new version of Artie and that Kenneth B put a lot into his Loveless - although nobody can replace either of the originals. The film was brimming with fun ideas - some liberally nicked from the original series and some great new ones that are only achivable with 1990s technology. The design and look of the piece was great - like last year's "The Avengers". But my favourite moment had to be that brief sequence where the original theme tune was played just for a moment; can't understand why they didn't use more of it. In fact, the soundtrack was extremely good, and it's a shame that this isn't what's on the CD release! (Same with "The Avengers"; first we got some terrible "Music Inspired By" thing ... and 2 months later the proper soundtrack, which is excellent, showed up).

Anyway, it was a fun little film, even although (my friend) and myself prefer the original in most respects. We wouldn't begrudge it our entrance fee, and if it keeps the show alive over here - and God Knows it needs it - that can't be a bad thing.

Andrew Pixley